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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some photos

Gosh two of the pups leave in less than a week! I need to catch up on the photo sharing! My apologies!

Here is Mitcham sitting and waiting patiently for the puppy 'waves' that kept coming at him to subside. Once it was over, he went about his business. He's so good with them!

Alamo and Ava running rampant. In all directions.
Janey popping her head out as another dog walked by the couch. She just about got him!
20 minutes into the new and improved puppy pen with litter box. I asked10 local stores about pine nuggets or alfalfa pellets and they all assured me that the pine shavings would be just fine and no mess. um......considering that I have to vacuum several times a day....and still find the shavings in every room on the main floor, including my BED, I will never use them again. Your suggestions on what to use are appreciated!
Pillow time. One of the favorite places for a puppy pile and chaos to ensue!


Holly said...

I have always started my pups at 3-4 weeks on alfalfa pellets. My adults always want to eat them, and at this age your pups may want to do the same as they did not grow up with the pellets as their litter. I use alfalfa over wood pellets as I had an older litter want to eat the wood. I wanted to make sure if the pups wanted to nibble on the pellets it was "edible".

Sarah said...

I use Yesterday's News, it's in the cat litter section, and works great. It's newspaper in tight pellets.

Sherilyn said...

I used the Yesterday's News, too...worked like a charm!

Rayna said...

omg i want to snuggle them!

Missy said...

Next week can't come fast enough! =)

Sharrie said...

I hope everyone is out of the way because Davy Crockett looks like he is ready to attack something in that last photo. Keep those photos coming!