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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I couldn't have gotten this far ....

I had been gushing recently about the breed and how excited I am to be in it, with all the great Cardi people I've met and gotten to know. All the shows, the chats, the fun nights after showing.

However I couldn't have gotten this far with Cardigans if I hadn't had a great group of people locally that supported me and had my back when times were a lot rougher. These people have really been the base of why I like the breed so much. Sure its fun to see EVERYONE at the big shows a couple times a year, but the smaller shows that are in my area (upper Midwest) are the ones that I enjoy equally as much, with the 'local' group of people that I see much more often.

They make these times just as fun, with many stories, and laughter shared over adult beverages (and CAW) , shared grooming space, reservations at restaurants, prodding to enter another show so we can hang out more etc.

About 16 months ago I took lots of photos of friends at the Rochester, MN show. You'll have to check the archives for that. It was fun filled weekend with just about every 'local' person in attendance. I'm sorry to say I couldn't share the majors that weekend, but it WAS fun to get them >:)

So Wanda, thank you for taking a chance on me with Zoe. You've been there from the beginning and I thank you for your help and suggestions along the way, and for helping so much with the whelping and evaluation of my very first litter!

Rus and Sherilyn, us 'newbies' in the breed at the same time, its been a fun ride with you guys! Shows, grooming, those amazing bars (food not the liquor establishments!), grooming hints, saving space, etc. Special thanks to helping show my girls in the ring when I needed another handler!

Cindy for her help with just about everything I can think of! Grooming ideas for Mitcham, road trip to the National in '08, letting me crash at your place along the way, helpful hints for training, and the support I needed in the beginning!

Dawn for being my motivator for entering Oliver in Rally, and Sadie in Agility! Without your prodding and pushing, I probably still would not have titles on the dogs! You were a Godsend at those trials and making sure I knew what to do and where to go. I would still be wandering around lost if you hadn't been telling me what to do! She's also been great for dog sitting when I had to be away from my babes.

Lynn Stoltzman doesn't have a blog, but she was and is also a great local gal who has supported me and helped me along the way! It was great to catch up with her on Monday before I went to pick up Ell! Libby looks amazing for age 11 and Logan is a happy boy too. She and her daughter Rachel have been great friends outside of the dog world too, coming up to my place to hang out during Holiday parties and such!

Barb Peterson for showing Ell for me every time I had Zoe in the ring! She has put 8 of her points (or is it 10?) with her handling her in the ring for Winner's Bitch when I had Zoe and Ell both entered and they both won their classes! Also thanks to her for Mac, who although he didn't turn out like we hoped, she trusted me with him (and Maggie) and that is a wonderful thing. She and Steve open up their house to me every year for the Duluth show and share grooming space too.

These people above are wonderful people who I know have helped me along the way, and most importantly helped my love for showing and trialing grow. It would be a lot less fun in the breed if I didn't have these people! I"m really forever grateful.


When is the next show?! :)

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