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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ava's new CH photo

I finally got my desktop computer back and software downloaded from HP to get my scanner/printer/copier back up and running. This photo has been here for awhile but it hasn't been scanned to my blog or website until today. So sorry for the delay!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Whew! What a weekend!

I've been fortunate enough and blessed to have had a great run of dog showing this past year or so. The weekend of the St. Croix Kennel Club in Lake Elmo, MN has been good to me the last few years. 2 years ago Zoe was BOW for her 2nd four point major to finish. Last year Ava was BOW for her first 3 point major and this year Ava had a good year too :)

Ava was Best of Opposite Sex Friday and Saturday for two 3 point grand champion majors going over other bitch specials. She was BEST OF BREED on Sunday for a 5 point grand champion major over many specials! I have never had this happen before and its truly a great way to do it in front of so many friends! Thank you all for the congratulations and hugs and cheering :) All owner handled, and all with my first Bred-By Champion too :) I was told that she was chosen for BOB  as she out moved them all. Thank you so much Pembroke breeder/judge Tammy Johnston for awarding this to my girl :)

Ballantyne was completely lacking any kind of coat. So little that her guard hairs were now falling out. I had thought if the major would hold without her I wouldn't even bring her. No sense when she is stark nekkid! But Saturday and Sunday I was proven wrong and Ballantyne was awarded WB/BOW on Saturday and WB on Sunday for two MORE 3 poitn majors. She now has 3 majors and 13 points! BEING NAKED! LOL the judges told me that once she was back in coat she would be UNSTOPPABLE! How awesome is THAT!

I was really excited before any of this happened actually. I knew I would be getting to stay with my bestie Erica in the hotel all weekend. I haven't seen her at a dog show since Sioux Falls last year and going to shows without her or her mother Mary is just plain not right! It was great to be able to catch up with her and have our usual 'blonde' moments lol. I also got to see so many of the Cardi and Briard people I haven't got to see as of late. It was good catching up with  them as well :) Oh and I was even able to go downtown Minneapolis for supper one night with some college friends. I love downtown life and it was a great break from 'reality' to be out amongst peers doing what I love to do: socialize over cocktails :)

All in all a great weekend that I'm sure won't be repeated for a long time, so I want to revel in it as long as possible :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Daisy is now available to her forever home. She just turned 4 years of age in June, is a CHIC dog with all of her health clearances. She is house/leash/crate trained and a very loving couch dog. Daisy would need a fenced in yard.

I also have two of her pink boys still available. They have been getting lessons in leash training, are fairly well house/crate trained and are UTD on vaccinations as well. They are 16 weeks old and need to go to homes soon. They have both been to Puppy K classes and are well socialized with kids and other dogs/cats.

Please inquire

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A pretty good weekend

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of the Western Reserve had their annual Regional Specialty. Not only is it the largest regional specialty in the world, but this year was the record high for entries!!! The quality was deep in many classes and the line up for Best in Sweeps or Winner's Dog/Bitch was quite a sight to behold. There were six or seven Best In Show winners entered in in these shows, as well and very recognizable veterans coming back out in the ring for this specialty. In other words it was AWESOME!!

I was able to see many of my good friends there again, and meet more Cardigan people! Its really the whole reason I go. Ok MOST of the reason I go. And since I didn't make it to the National due to impending puppies, I had to make sure I went to CWCCWR this year. I don't want to forget anyone so won't name names but I do so enjoy this weekend.

It was a a goal of mine to be competitive at Specialties, and Supported Entries. I don't need to win (but it is nice) but I do want my dogs to be nice enough to be competitive. Going to the show and seeing the other dogs from a distance made me rethink why I was there. I should have gone home and pet every one of my dogs out.

Or so I thought :) Then the judging started....

Friday under breeder judges Ballantyne earned a 4th in sweeps and a 3rd in regular classes. Ava made the cut in breed in a quality filled ring. I was so surprised and humbled. Then Saturday Ballantyne earned a 4th in sweeps and a 2nd in regular classes. Ava was given consideration but no cut this day. Sunday with Ava not entered I entered the Naughty Bolin and she was 4th in sweeps and 3rd in regular classes. Ballantyne was 2nd in sweeps and 2 in Bred-by!! Even though both Naughties were completely stark naked their structure and movement gave them placements! I was in the ribbons every time! I guess my goal of being competitive at the largest regional specialty happened. And I want thank everyone that helped me to get here!! :)

These large specialties gives me time to talk to long time breeders like my mentors Barb Hoffman and Jon Kimes. In depth discussions talking about directions, goals, what I want out of a bitch or dog and where to TRY and find that. I also had other long time breeders go over my dogs. Connie Whan who has been instrumental in my breeding plans/goals, Paula O'donnell, Cindy Bossi, Nancy Wiloughby, Joanne and Ferris Beashau, Pixie Lauer, etc etc.Always nervous when people go over my dogs and even more happy when they LIKE them.

I was also quite blessed to have ringside praise about my girls. All three were given compliments ringside or out the ring about their movement, structure and/or temperament. To say I'm pleased in an understatement. And of course with the good, is the bad. Naked Naughties look tiny in comparison to bitches that have full coat and are larger. My girls are 27 pounds (the Naughties) and they looked like 12 week old puppies next to some of the bigger and more in coat bitches. I heard several comments about " I could never have a bitch that small" or something like that. But that's ok. I prefer them on the smaller side of the scale. They won't break down when herding or doing agility and they are slower to mature. I'm an impatient person so this drives me nuts to no end, but in the end is more rewarding.

It was great to be at the specialty where I was able to see dogs that I had considered for stud dogs for my girls. The ability to go over them in person, see them move, ask questions about health testing, what the stud dog has thrown (i.e. bad bites, blue eyes, pinks, fluffs, etc etc) is awesome and every breeder I talked to was completely honest and upfront about what they did or didn't know.

On top of all of this the camaraderie that is there with all of the Cardigan fanciers is just amazing. Saying good morning to everyone you pass, able to sit anywhere along ringside and strike up a conversation is just awesome. These people are amazing.

I wanted to personally thank the CWCCWR club members and the Greig family for all their hard work to get the show to the level it is. Quality judges, amazing food, kick a$$ ring stewards and all the quality dogs makes the 16 hours of driving each way totally worth it!!!

A special thanks to Mandy and Cindy Bossi for the early morning McDonald's Tea! You gals are lifesavers!! And thanks for making my throat hurt from laughing so hard! I wish everyone lived closer together so we could hang out way more often! :)

See you all next year!

Monday, August 1, 2011

First puppy finally goes home!

Holding puppies until arrangements can be made has never been an issue. When half of litter does it, it makes for some interesting times :) Baylor is shown above with Brodie (Pilot x Ell) and they both reside in Connecticut, about 40 minutes away from each other. Brodie's owner's daughter and her partner were looking for a puppy and I just happened to have a few! Baylor was the puppy I had my eye early on and it just wasn't meant to be that he stick around here, so he is now being super spoiled and doted upon in his new home and extended family. They sent me a video clip of him with the zoomies and I know he is NOT looking back!!

Thank you for all involved for this to work and I LOVE IT when the puppy owners fly out to pick up their puppies and take them home. I get to meet the new owners AND see the puppy off. Always the way I like to do it :)