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Monday, August 29, 2011

Whew! What a weekend!

I've been fortunate enough and blessed to have had a great run of dog showing this past year or so. The weekend of the St. Croix Kennel Club in Lake Elmo, MN has been good to me the last few years. 2 years ago Zoe was BOW for her 2nd four point major to finish. Last year Ava was BOW for her first 3 point major and this year Ava had a good year too :)

Ava was Best of Opposite Sex Friday and Saturday for two 3 point grand champion majors going over other bitch specials. She was BEST OF BREED on Sunday for a 5 point grand champion major over many specials! I have never had this happen before and its truly a great way to do it in front of so many friends! Thank you all for the congratulations and hugs and cheering :) All owner handled, and all with my first Bred-By Champion too :) I was told that she was chosen for BOB  as she out moved them all. Thank you so much Pembroke breeder/judge Tammy Johnston for awarding this to my girl :)

Ballantyne was completely lacking any kind of coat. So little that her guard hairs were now falling out. I had thought if the major would hold without her I wouldn't even bring her. No sense when she is stark nekkid! But Saturday and Sunday I was proven wrong and Ballantyne was awarded WB/BOW on Saturday and WB on Sunday for two MORE 3 poitn majors. She now has 3 majors and 13 points! BEING NAKED! LOL the judges told me that once she was back in coat she would be UNSTOPPABLE! How awesome is THAT!

I was really excited before any of this happened actually. I knew I would be getting to stay with my bestie Erica in the hotel all weekend. I haven't seen her at a dog show since Sioux Falls last year and going to shows without her or her mother Mary is just plain not right! It was great to be able to catch up with her and have our usual 'blonde' moments lol. I also got to see so many of the Cardi and Briard people I haven't got to see as of late. It was good catching up with  them as well :) Oh and I was even able to go downtown Minneapolis for supper one night with some college friends. I love downtown life and it was a great break from 'reality' to be out amongst peers doing what I love to do: socialize over cocktails :)

All in all a great weekend that I'm sure won't be repeated for a long time, so I want to revel in it as long as possible :)


Jules said...

WOW!! What a weekend! Congratulations.

Janet said...

Told you so! You had to go! Congratulations on a great weekend.

(btw - the security word i have to type in to post this is "gatroflu." That sound contagious and messy.)

Dawn said...

It was a good weekend! And great to see you. NOW, when are we going to go play some agility together????

Michelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend in all ways; congratulations on the BIG WINS!!!