Committed to the improvement of the breed by breeding for health, temperament and better structure in dogs that have the ability to herd.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Candid Photos from the St Cloud show

I love when I get to see ringside photos of my dogs. I never get to see that side of them so its really great when I get to see them. I will let you know who everyone is as well. There are some great photos here....

The blue girl below is Ch Ebonwald's A Blessed Pirate Queen. She is nearly complete with her GrCH having 5 majors and having beaten other Champions for every one of them. Ava is my first bred-by champion and will be my first Gr Ch as well.

Those blue eyes always have a different 'look' to them than the brown eyes, but they are so stunning.
Two photos of Bolin, "Ebonwald Brace For Impact at Toshay", in very limited showing has 2 singles and a 3 point major. She's been slower to mature but that is ok. Just happy to watch them grow up and not fall apart.

Bolin in for Winner's Bitch on Sunday. (she won!)
My friend Mary showing Ballantyne as a special on Saturday. her first weekend as a special and she gets 2 GrCh majors by going select and then BOS. She is also really fun to show and although modest in size (26 pounds) she is being found in the all breed ring. Her movement is amazing and if I could change anything it would be a bit more bone and a lower tail set (but I'm being picky!)

This is my little Campbell, "Ebonwald Merrymoon Collateral Damage". As you can see her side gate is amazing. The entire litter moves like this. Her long upper arm and shoulder layback are fantastic. For anyone needing to see proper movement, have a look see here :)
Such a typey little bitch. I LOVE her ;)
I always look so serious.
A table shot of Bolin. beautiful head, length of neck, sweep (neck flows in to the back), dead level topline. If you want to see proper topline, sweep, neck this is it!
More photos of Campbell. She's slowing down here to stand, but still has more reach and drive than many.  She's also super fun to show with that typical Cardi Girl attitude :)
Below is the Cass Man "Ebonwald Merrymoon Call One's Bluff. He has both his majors already and is such a good boy in the ring. He's a lot like his sister in so many ways. I'm eager to see how he grows up.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quick roadtrip

I drove just about 9 hours Friday to SE Wisconsin so Cleary could go to her new home! She will be living on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee and be an urban girl with an Old English Sheepdog brother. Many huge thanks to Jeanie for finding Cleary and for being HER person. When I saw how you two interacted I knew that you were the perfect fit for her :)

Cole went to Ohio and is close to another Great Lake (Erie) and has a Pembroke sister. He is already winning over the hearts of those that he lives with :) I couldn't have found a better home for one of my dogs with Leslie! Thank you so much for making Cole a part of your family!

I always have such awesome feelings when my dogs go to their new homes. Its never easier. the more that I place, because I still cried a lot on my drive home yesterday...., but when the right family/home comes along I just 'know'.

I hadn't planned on it but Ell is off on a romantic getaway. I was going to wait until her next heat cycle and have pups in the summer, but may have an additional job by then and would rather have the pups now while I am home in the winter months than when I could be much busier.

Unless I send her to Denise and her whelp the litter :) She's good at that! BAHAHAHA

Monday, December 12, 2011

St Cloud weekend

This past weekend was the first show that I entered Margot my black natural eared Briard bitch in. While she was super excited to be at the show and in the ring we didn't win anything except training experience,which I wanted. She needs to calm down a bit in the ring to move well by herself, but when we were in for Winner's Bitch, and she had someone else to follow, we moved much better. My friends and long time Briard breeders went over her and really loved her, everything about her so that was really wonderful to hear as well. I was also glad to know that Margot's size is totally ok and that Mitcham is just a big guy :)

Saturday I entered FIVE Cardigans (yes you read that right, I am crazy). I was able to go BOS with Ava for her 4th GrCH major on her fourth day as a special and Ballantyne her first day out as a special was Select for her first GrCh major. The classes didn't go nearly as well for me but I can't win everyday :)

Sunday again 5 Cardigans and I was a bit more prepared. This time Ballantyne was BOS for her 2nd GrCH major and Ava was Select for her 5th GrCH major. Bolin (Ebonwald Brace For Impact at Toshay) was Winners bitch for her first 3 pt major! She has only been to one all breed show since she came to visit so in very limited showing I am quite pleased with her. I didn't think she was ready yet but a few weeks ago I got her out and really went over her. While she isn't a perfect bitch I think she has a lot of merit and was pleased to see her do well. special thanks to Mary and Tanya, Tylor and Shelley, Lacy and Suzi for all of your ringside and grooming and photography support ;)

Ava now has 19 GrCH points in 5 shows with 5 majors.
Ballantyne now has 7 GrCH points win 2 shows with 2 majors.
Bolin now has 5 points towards her CH title with one major.

Shows always go so fast and no matter how much time I get to chat with dog friends it never seems like enough!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cole and Cleary Photo Shoot

I've had a few inquiries over the months for these two pups, but never anything solid. If it was, it fell through. So Tylor took the pups for a photo shoot to the Living Room. Their first photo they weren't too sure they wanted a photo shoot.

Kinda bored.......
Kinda tired.
Kinda Happy. Maybe they are getting the hang of this...
Nope. maybe not...

Cole and Cleary are looking for their forever homes. Puppy K graduates, house trained, leash trained, crate trained. They are up to date on shots, de wormed, well socialized with kids, cats and other dogs. Please inquire if you know of someone looking for a new family member!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Yesterday I spent the afternoon bathing and blow drying all 9 Cardigans. I thought I'd have time to dremel nails after farm chores but by the time I got in from the barns I was really sore. Or so I thought. TODAY I am sore. I guess the Briards' turn at "Spa Day" will wait until tomorrow.

I am waiting for the snow, having finished my landscaping and fall clean ups now about three weeks ago. Its been seasonably warm (around freezing or a bit higher) so no snow, and although I'm catching up on house work, farm repairs and the like, it would be nice to make a little income :)

That being said I have a lead on yet another job that I could do 'part' time 3 weeks a month for just a few hours each day. I think it would be right up my alley (read: degree) and I will post more when I know more.

I have entered the St. Cloud dog show. Ava is in fabulous coat and I'm excited to get her Grand Champion title finished. She has 3 grand champion majors already from one weekend as a Special, so am eager to see if she can earn a few more GCH majors. St Cloud will also be Margot (the Briard)'s first REAL show. The Volvo will be packed. I think I need a luggage rack.

I am not going to have any more litters until I can place the two puppies from my last litter that I still need to place. Cole and Cleary are both clear red pups that are house/crate/leash trained, have been to Puppy Kindergarten, well socialized (thanks to my friends!) and are ready to have homes of their own. If you know of someone who is looking for a new family member please send them my way. I will get updated photos as soon as I can.

I am planning on doing St. Paul as usual (if funds allow) and then we won't be doing any shows until the National. I'm hoping the dogs will be in good coat for it and hope that my lambs will be all here before I head to Ohio!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another good weekend for Cass man

Cass (Ebonwald Merrymoon Call One's Bluff) earned his second major under George Vukich at the Minneapolis Kennel Club on Sunday, Nov 20th. Thank you everyone for the congratulations and for everyone coming despite the snow and ice to hold the major in both dogs and bitches. Cass has earned both majors the only two times they've been available in his 3 days of dog showing :)

To say I'm excited is an understatement! Cass and his litter were co-bred with my mentors Barb Hoffman and Jon Kimes and I'm thankful for their guidance and support.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Its official!

CH Ebonwald's Be On The Lookout - DN28237503

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  Conformation - Awards Processed Through 01-NOV-2011
Number of Points 16  
Number Major Wins 4  
Number Major Judges 4  
Total Number Judges 8  

Monday, October 31, 2011

Another good weekend

I have had a really great year with dog showing. I honestly cannot remember the last dog show I didn't win anything. Even in Ohio the girls were in the ribbons every time. I've been very humbled and very appreciative of all the wins and the compliments on my 'kids'.

This weekend Ballantyne only needed 2 singles to finish. She was Winner's Bitch for her fourth major on Saturday under Judi Bendt. She is my second bred-by Champion, and every point was breeder/owner handled. I'm so pleased that a moderate sized bitch was able to be so competitive and win her champion title so fast.

Sunday my Levi x Daisy puppies turned 6 months old and I entered Cass and Cambell (brindle boy and girl) and Cass was Winner's Dog and Best of Winner's for a 3 point major on his first day as a show dog! I was surprised and thrilled. The judge had many great things to say about the little guy! I guess I'll hang on to him for awhile :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Photos from Richland

First photo is of Brewer's WD at the Supported Entry under breeder judge Emily Fish. Shown by Mandy Katasse. Thank you both so much :)

Below is Brewer winning Reserve Winners dog at the NWCF Regional Specialty. Thank you judge Kay Reamensnyder for this win and Mandy Katasse for showing him for me :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Brewer's amazing weekend, and Minnie's too!

Today Brewer was RWD to another 5 point major. Today his half brother Nash was WD to finish! Yesterday Nash was RWD and I was told both days it was VERY CLOSE as to who should get it. I told Mandy that if it was that close they should have asked for a redo to make sure ;) ha ha ha

Big congrats to my friend Jeri who's trip out west was now worth the long drive! SO HAPPY FOR YOU JERI!

I am also extremely pleased to know that Brewer was well received with all three judges (twice RWD to a 5 pt major and once WD for a 5 pt major!) and with breeders/exhibitors ringside. I'm so hard on my dogs I guess I need to lighten up :)

Many many thanks to Mandy and Carolyn, Missy and Denise for all of their hard work sending me results from all three days and telling me all the good news that was coming in about Brewer. Special thanks to Mandy for showing him so well for me!

Minnie (Ava's sister) went up to Richland as well and earned her 2nd leg for her RA title with a 2nd place, and today got her 3rd leg and 3rd place for her official RALLY ADVANCE title! WOHOO!!! There were also family photos taken of Pip (formerly Alamo), Minnie, Zoe and Huxley so I can't wait to see those as well!

All in all it was an amazing weekend for the Ebonwald crew. I've been really blessed to have such an amazing year of show wins and trial qualifying runs! Thank you my friends for all your hard work keeping me mentally in check, helping with dogs where you could and keeping me up to date at all the events. You guys ROCK!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Brewer's had a good weekend so far

I was unable to go to the Richland WA shows but Brewer still has done me proud!

Friday at the NWCF Regional Specialty Brewer was Reserve Winner's Dog to a 5 point major! Yolanda's Token was WD to finish. His Daddy Pilot was Best of Breed!

Saturday at the Supported Entry Brewer was WINNERS DOG for a FIVE POINT MAJOR! Joanne and Ferris' bitch London that is owned by Terry Devine was Winners Bitch! What a great weekend so far. I'm so sorry I couldn't be there to watch it

Friday, September 23, 2011


After following leads for each boy for several months each, and then several for each boy, they are once again available. These boys are very sweet, mellow dogs that are big snugglers and love to play. They will be 5 months old on the 30th of this month and are fully vaccinated, are mostly house/crate/lease trained, have been socialized well and are honestly ready to go to their forever homes.

The brindle is Cass. I was going to grow him up to show but decided I didn't need to keep a male AND two females from the litter.The two different homes he had lined up fell through after pledging a commitment to get him so he is sadly up for sale again.

 The light red is Cole. He's had two prospective homes fall through and just really wants a home of his own. Both boys are very sweet and happy boys that love to go for walks with the rest of the pack here every day and they especially love chewing on bones.

If you know of someone looking to add a cardigan to their home, either of these boys would be great additions!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

RIP Robbie

10 days on the run with only one sighting. He was sighted a second time this morning....someone had hit him with their car. I'm sorry Robbie this was not the way it was supposed to be, you had a long life ahead of you.

So many thanks to all involved with the searching, all the fliers, emails, phone calls, prayers and everything else. Today sucks more than the last 10 and I thank the Cardigan family for all their help. Everyone pulls together in times of crisis and for that I am very thankful.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Catching up!

It has been a crazy busy last six weeks or so.  After Western Reserve in Ohio my job, personal life plus the farm and the dogs were all very busy with classes, training for shows, finding homes, getting new clients, upgrading systems in the farm management etc etc. You get the idea.

Daisy has found a new home, and most of the puppies have moved on as well. Cleary a 'clear red'/'pink' girl is getting some socialization with a dear friend of mine in Minneapolis area and Campbell the brindle girl and I are doing table time every day and becoming better on the lead.

I've entered the Regional Specialty in Richmond, WA Sept 30 and the Supported Entry on Oct 1 and 2. Its a long trip but I recently traded in the Expedition for something a bit smaller and more economical. I can't believe I'm driving ALONE again out west but I love driving and hopefully the Volvo V70 XC will NOT disappoint me on my trek west!!

Most importantly I will reunite with Zoe, Minnie and Huxley for a mini family photo opportunity, and Mandy, Carolyn and Denise can see Ava. The first two have never seen her, so will be nice to show her to them, albeit a little less hair :) I can't wait to see all my friends out there! I missed the national and by golly I'm going to see them come hell or high water!

The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival was a huge success and I had the judges from the UK come home with me to inspect my flock and give me some helpful pointers. I'm really excited for breeding season but you can read more about it at my farm blog Ramsay Farms.

This weekend I am in a wedding and will be home a day before I head out to WA state for about 9 days. I have friends and family staying at my house to watch the few dogs I'm leaving behind so will not have to worry about that.

Hope everyone is having a great fall! We've had 3 nights of hard frost, and today's high was 51. Pretty chilly so early. let's hope its not an early winter. cuz its long enough as it is!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ava's new CH photo

I finally got my desktop computer back and software downloaded from HP to get my scanner/printer/copier back up and running. This photo has been here for awhile but it hasn't been scanned to my blog or website until today. So sorry for the delay!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Whew! What a weekend!

I've been fortunate enough and blessed to have had a great run of dog showing this past year or so. The weekend of the St. Croix Kennel Club in Lake Elmo, MN has been good to me the last few years. 2 years ago Zoe was BOW for her 2nd four point major to finish. Last year Ava was BOW for her first 3 point major and this year Ava had a good year too :)

Ava was Best of Opposite Sex Friday and Saturday for two 3 point grand champion majors going over other bitch specials. She was BEST OF BREED on Sunday for a 5 point grand champion major over many specials! I have never had this happen before and its truly a great way to do it in front of so many friends! Thank you all for the congratulations and hugs and cheering :) All owner handled, and all with my first Bred-By Champion too :) I was told that she was chosen for BOB  as she out moved them all. Thank you so much Pembroke breeder/judge Tammy Johnston for awarding this to my girl :)

Ballantyne was completely lacking any kind of coat. So little that her guard hairs were now falling out. I had thought if the major would hold without her I wouldn't even bring her. No sense when she is stark nekkid! But Saturday and Sunday I was proven wrong and Ballantyne was awarded WB/BOW on Saturday and WB on Sunday for two MORE 3 poitn majors. She now has 3 majors and 13 points! BEING NAKED! LOL the judges told me that once she was back in coat she would be UNSTOPPABLE! How awesome is THAT!

I was really excited before any of this happened actually. I knew I would be getting to stay with my bestie Erica in the hotel all weekend. I haven't seen her at a dog show since Sioux Falls last year and going to shows without her or her mother Mary is just plain not right! It was great to be able to catch up with her and have our usual 'blonde' moments lol. I also got to see so many of the Cardi and Briard people I haven't got to see as of late. It was good catching up with  them as well :) Oh and I was even able to go downtown Minneapolis for supper one night with some college friends. I love downtown life and it was a great break from 'reality' to be out amongst peers doing what I love to do: socialize over cocktails :)

All in all a great weekend that I'm sure won't be repeated for a long time, so I want to revel in it as long as possible :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Daisy is now available to her forever home. She just turned 4 years of age in June, is a CHIC dog with all of her health clearances. She is house/leash/crate trained and a very loving couch dog. Daisy would need a fenced in yard.

I also have two of her pink boys still available. They have been getting lessons in leash training, are fairly well house/crate trained and are UTD on vaccinations as well. They are 16 weeks old and need to go to homes soon. They have both been to Puppy K classes and are well socialized with kids and other dogs/cats.

Please inquire

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A pretty good weekend

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of the Western Reserve had their annual Regional Specialty. Not only is it the largest regional specialty in the world, but this year was the record high for entries!!! The quality was deep in many classes and the line up for Best in Sweeps or Winner's Dog/Bitch was quite a sight to behold. There were six or seven Best In Show winners entered in in these shows, as well and very recognizable veterans coming back out in the ring for this specialty. In other words it was AWESOME!!

I was able to see many of my good friends there again, and meet more Cardigan people! Its really the whole reason I go. Ok MOST of the reason I go. And since I didn't make it to the National due to impending puppies, I had to make sure I went to CWCCWR this year. I don't want to forget anyone so won't name names but I do so enjoy this weekend.

It was a a goal of mine to be competitive at Specialties, and Supported Entries. I don't need to win (but it is nice) but I do want my dogs to be nice enough to be competitive. Going to the show and seeing the other dogs from a distance made me rethink why I was there. I should have gone home and pet every one of my dogs out.

Or so I thought :) Then the judging started....

Friday under breeder judges Ballantyne earned a 4th in sweeps and a 3rd in regular classes. Ava made the cut in breed in a quality filled ring. I was so surprised and humbled. Then Saturday Ballantyne earned a 4th in sweeps and a 2nd in regular classes. Ava was given consideration but no cut this day. Sunday with Ava not entered I entered the Naughty Bolin and she was 4th in sweeps and 3rd in regular classes. Ballantyne was 2nd in sweeps and 2 in Bred-by!! Even though both Naughties were completely stark naked their structure and movement gave them placements! I was in the ribbons every time! I guess my goal of being competitive at the largest regional specialty happened. And I want thank everyone that helped me to get here!! :)

These large specialties gives me time to talk to long time breeders like my mentors Barb Hoffman and Jon Kimes. In depth discussions talking about directions, goals, what I want out of a bitch or dog and where to TRY and find that. I also had other long time breeders go over my dogs. Connie Whan who has been instrumental in my breeding plans/goals, Paula O'donnell, Cindy Bossi, Nancy Wiloughby, Joanne and Ferris Beashau, Pixie Lauer, etc etc.Always nervous when people go over my dogs and even more happy when they LIKE them.

I was also quite blessed to have ringside praise about my girls. All three were given compliments ringside or out the ring about their movement, structure and/or temperament. To say I'm pleased in an understatement. And of course with the good, is the bad. Naked Naughties look tiny in comparison to bitches that have full coat and are larger. My girls are 27 pounds (the Naughties) and they looked like 12 week old puppies next to some of the bigger and more in coat bitches. I heard several comments about " I could never have a bitch that small" or something like that. But that's ok. I prefer them on the smaller side of the scale. They won't break down when herding or doing agility and they are slower to mature. I'm an impatient person so this drives me nuts to no end, but in the end is more rewarding.

It was great to be at the specialty where I was able to see dogs that I had considered for stud dogs for my girls. The ability to go over them in person, see them move, ask questions about health testing, what the stud dog has thrown (i.e. bad bites, blue eyes, pinks, fluffs, etc etc) is awesome and every breeder I talked to was completely honest and upfront about what they did or didn't know.

On top of all of this the camaraderie that is there with all of the Cardigan fanciers is just amazing. Saying good morning to everyone you pass, able to sit anywhere along ringside and strike up a conversation is just awesome. These people are amazing.

I wanted to personally thank the CWCCWR club members and the Greig family for all their hard work to get the show to the level it is. Quality judges, amazing food, kick a$$ ring stewards and all the quality dogs makes the 16 hours of driving each way totally worth it!!!

A special thanks to Mandy and Cindy Bossi for the early morning McDonald's Tea! You gals are lifesavers!! And thanks for making my throat hurt from laughing so hard! I wish everyone lived closer together so we could hang out way more often! :)

See you all next year!

Monday, August 1, 2011

First puppy finally goes home!

Holding puppies until arrangements can be made has never been an issue. When half of litter does it, it makes for some interesting times :) Baylor is shown above with Brodie (Pilot x Ell) and they both reside in Connecticut, about 40 minutes away from each other. Brodie's owner's daughter and her partner were looking for a puppy and I just happened to have a few! Baylor was the puppy I had my eye early on and it just wasn't meant to be that he stick around here, so he is now being super spoiled and doted upon in his new home and extended family. They sent me a video clip of him with the zoomies and I know he is NOT looking back!!

Thank you for all involved for this to work and I LOVE IT when the puppy owners fly out to pick up their puppies and take them home. I get to meet the new owners AND see the puppy off. Always the way I like to do it :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Zoe and Minnie herding in Oregon

I won't re post the videos but I urge you to go to their own blog site to view them herding up a storm! I'm so glad that Missy and Glenn contacted me just about two years ago about a puppy from Zoe. They are also the best home for Zoe too and I'm so glad that it has worked out so well for both placements!

Zo-Zo looks so happy. I'm so glad she and Minnie are both spoiled rotten!

Here is the link:

Fun hey?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When photos make you smile

So much to love about him.....I kinda miss the big goober. He'll be back soon enough :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Good Weekend

This weekend I finished my first dog from the bred-by class. Ava earned her last three single points to become a Champion! I even kept her in on Sunday to hold the point for the class dog, and to make sure she did indeed get all her points :)

She is my 4th champion, my 3rd cardigan champion and my 1st breeder/owner handled exclusively in the bred-by class!! This is my 4th champion in less than 2 years!

There were also health clinics for Cardiac, Thyroid, Patella and CERF.Ava and Ballantyne were done for Patella, as they had already passed the other tests. The gal doing the patella clinic told me how important it is in a herding and actively working breed such as a Cardigan to have good knees. She also said dogs that do agility should be examined.

I also heard this from the CERF, Cardiac and Thyroid vets/doctors. The cardiac doctor said the cases of bad hearts was nearly 50% of all dogs tested just 20 or less years ago and that breeders have made giant strides in their breeding programs and have made those cases now that have problems less that 10 %!! CERF doctor stressed the importance of the eye exams and that many of the genetic/heredity diseases can be bred away from. yet so many people don't do them.

There was a B Match Saturday night that Shelley and I stayed for. It sounded like a grand idea but after 13 hours of being at the show I was D.O.N.E. Margot earned a Group 4 and did extremely well on the leash and for the stand for exam. We need to work on everything but mostly with the 'showing the bite'. She did awesome at the show site with the sounds, smells, people and dogs. I also took two of Daisy's pups with as there was a potential home coming up from Milwaukee to see them. They did awesome for being away from their mom and the rest of the litter. I'm so proud of the boys :)

I also found out today that Brewer earned his first point going BOW at the show he was entered in!! That makes him the fourth puppy in the litter to be pointed. I never think any litter is good enough to have every puppy be a show puppy and finish, but glad to see that her litter had some puppies worth growing on and showing.

I wanted to thank Shelley Powers for all her help this weekend. I'm still not in a fit condition to do much and when I was getting fatigued she was there to help, even when I objected. Its much appreciated :) Also a huge thank you to Barb and Steve Peterson for allowing my dogs and myself to invade your home and eat your food and sleep in your house. I love the Duluth show because there is so much time to spend talking to friends and getting to know new ones! I'm drained each day and sometimes overwhelmed by it all but if anyone has an inkling of going to Duluth for the 4 day cluster, I highly recommend it! Plus you are literally one block away from Canal Park and dozens of GREAT restaurants and things to see and do!

Thanks everyone for a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I've officially gone crazy....

What on earth is THAT? Yup. Its a black natural eared Briard bitch puppy named Margot.  :) Her daddy is from the Czech republic and her momma is a relative of Mitcham's. She was born in March and I got her at the Fargo show. Life has been slightly hectic since then and I'm trying to catch up on all things that are worth telling.

She'll be in the Duluth puppy match this weekend. Lord help us. I think she's part monkey. She can almost climb on to the kitchen counters. Mitcham, having just turned 3 on wednesday (i'm a bad dad I know), still does not jump up on the counter or counter surf or whatever you want to call it. He's so polite in comparison. She's a wild child! Let's hope her coat is easier to groom. Note the natural ears too. I didn't want to fight with the gluing for 3 years.....

Bolin's results

Bolin is a fluff carrier N/A, she does NOT carry pink either (E/E) and she is clear (N/N) for DM! YAY!!

This means my only dog that carries pink is Daisy. And every dog of mine is a fluff carrier (but I can live with that!).

Saturday, July 9, 2011

For those not on Facebook....

Ballantyne's Sweeps photo finally came in the mail! We usually wait 4+ weeks for our show photos. Unlike in the PNW where they get them the end of the same week! Ballantyne is stacked a bit nicer here, than her major win under Emily Fish, but I still like both photos :) Thank you to both breeder judges for seeing her merit.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ell rocked it!

Since Oliver was my very best sheep herding before he went down in the back, there have been some big shoes to fill. Ell has proven time and time again she has the ability, the skill and the knowledge to fill them, without being overly hard on the sheep.

Big props to my girl Ell. She was amazing to see work today! And for those interested I did NOT get on the 4-wheeler and I let the Cardigan work the sheep (the grass was MUCH shorter in these paddocks! :P )

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Decisions any breeder must make

The goal of any breeding program, whether with livestock, dogs, flowers or anything else is to improve upon the generation before. If you don't improve you try again, perhaps from a different angle. If something works, you have moved ahead. Then comes the task of deciding :Should I move forward with the offspring and that offspring in turn is replaced by its offspring? This would be the quickest way, in a perfect world, to move ahead with any goal or breeding program.

What if the dam is a real producer and you like the offspring, they are better than the dam, but want to take her a different route? Is it ok to do so? What if you don't get better offspring then? I think about this quite often now. All three litters I've had...the pups are better than their dams. Do I need to breed them again if I already have improvements on them? What if I want to go to a different line to bring in something different?

In my cattle I have one cow that I kept and bred for 9 calves. Each year I bred her to a different bull line, hoping to bring in VERY specific things from each line to blend with my cow genetics of this particular line. I had no problem repeating a breeding in the cow one year as you only get one calf per year, and I always want heifers as I can use frozen semen on bulls that are from all over the world.

In dogs I feel its a bit different. If I retain two puppies from a litter, I can go different directions with the pups, or I can go the same direction as each pup has different things I like about them. Do I move forward with the pups and hope I get something useful out the pups 'in a perfect world'? Or do I breed the dam again and breed her to a different line, bringing in something very specific that I didn't get in this breeding (or I want more of)?

Its just food for thought. I know everyone in the same situation would do it differently and that's ok. Just trying to think out loud. 4 is easier to manage than 6, but I'd hate to lose the opportunity to use the dams again if I was really pleased with the outcome.

This being on the mend stinks! Too much free time to think about other stuff! >:)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Normal dogs

Ava and Ballantyne got their OFA certificates in the mail today for their NORMAL Thyroid, Cardiac and CERFs. I'm not surprised but since i did Zoe and Ell's Thyroids two years ago, there have only been 12 more Cardigans tested for thyroid and sent in to OFA. If thyroid is not an issue in cardigans I would think more people would test knowing that they are 'ok' and post the normal results.

At any rate, I know my girls are normal for these conditions and I'm happy knowing that I give my puppy buyers babies that have a lesser chance of getting health issues down the road.

My dogs' health is of the utmost importance to me. I'm happy that I can say they are normal for these things. normal as my dogs can get ;P haha

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Brewer

Ungroomed, unbathed... 15 months of age.