Committed to the improvement of the breed by breeding for health, temperament and better structure in dogs that have the ability to herd.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Echo is available

I've decided that Echo is available to a pet/performance home. She has many redeeming qualities but I am moving forward with two litter sisters and both her parents.

She is an absolute love! She really shines with children, adores snuggles, walks, and being with her people. She is 14 months old, UTD on shots, house/crate/leash trained, microchipped and ready to spoil her new family with face licks and morning woofs. PM me for more info.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I guess I'm breeding blues now....

 The first photo is Ava's BOB win in Indy over other specials. Its probably the best photo ever of Ava and I'm so very happy with her, and how well Helen and her are doing, Every day she's been shown, and in only 4 weekends) she's garnered lots more majors. She's over halfway to her Bronze level GCH now. I can't wait to see her at the Nationals!
Ava's daughter, Ellie (sired by Brewer), winning 2 points in Denver in February. She was my favorite of the litter but I didn't want to keep a blue ;) I can't wait to see how she continues to mature!

This blue boy is Otis (Captain x Ballantyne). Every photo of his sire at this age looks identical to him so I'm very excited to see him mature as well! His first weekend out, Otis earned 2 points and then a single point. What a great way to start his show career! He's also out in Colorado. My second home.
And he's not a blue, but Duncan Miles is a star in Ohio! He's earned four titles in Agility in 2 weekends. he's an incredible dog and he and Leslie make a great team! He is a Levi x Daisy boy.

I love seeing dogs so happy and loving what they do! Thank you to all the wonderful homes that love my Ebonwald puppies. It makes my heart sing!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

a few new brags

Ebonwald dogs have been doing well the past few months.

Campbell earned her Champion title in October at the Sioux Falls dog show.

Archer earned his champion title in St Paul in January.

Duncan Miles (litter brother to Campbell) has earned FOUR agility titles. NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ (in consecutive trials, all with first places!)

Denley has earned two points towards her CH title, and her litter sister Daphne has also earned 2 points towards her CH title. Denley has only been shown 5 weekends and has earned a RWD to the 4 point major one day in St Paul.

Ellie (Brewer x Ava) has earned her first point out for her CH title as well.

If I have missed any Ebonwald babies with their accomplishments, please do notify me! I'd love to hear how they are doing!

Maybe even a 'meet and greet' sometime in 2014? wouldn't THAT be fun!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Puppies available and puppies planned

We have 6 lovely brindle puppies available August 9th to their new homes. 3 boys and 3 girls were born June 14. Photos to come soon. We do have one fluffy boy with a black mask (some people just LOVE the fluffs!)

There is also a blue x black breeding due August 15. thos puppies will be available to their new homes October 15 or so.

For more info, please visit our website: and fill out the puppy questionnaire. Eligible applicants will then be contacted and more specifics shared on the pups.

Photos to follow soon.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Since we are on Facebook now (search for Ebonwald Cardigans), we do not update the blog much anymore. And shame on me! There still are people who do not have Facebook and therefore, do not waste as much time as the rest of us :)

Lots to update:

First Brewer: This past weekend he finished his Grand Championship by going Best of Opposite Sex to the #1 Cardigan in the country (Libby). He needed a single, but garnered a 5 point major there. That made him finish his title with 6 majors and a few 2 pt wins. The following day we took these pics at a local park and he also went Select Dog, to his Uncle Chase.

Brewer was also bred to my merle bitch, Ava (who is also a Grand Champion who finished in 7 shows with 7 majors).  She's normally snuggly, but was extra snuggly after we bred her. Pups are due March 6.

 His first litter out of GCH Toshay's Butterfly are growing well:



Lager side
These three pups will be shown. They really are a lovely group of kids. I''m so happy Denise got such nice pups!


Shown below winning her first major under Susan Godek. She now has 13 points with one major and we are on the hunt for majors now. Maybe Fargo? She'll be two years old April 30 and we will be doing hips and other health tests this summer. We have a few boys in mind for her that I am eager to pursue. She is currently living with a good friend of mine and her FIVE young boys and husband on a farm in Northern MN where she is spoiled rotten. I'm so glad to have her with such fantastic people, and willing to work with me. 

Has been out west at Boot Camp. She had her hips redone as the positioning was terrible. This time I did both PennHIP and OFA to be sure. Her PH scores came back already: 70% percentile. We are trying to decide on the proper stud for her and every time I think I have it decided, something comes up or I find another dog to research. She'll be bred on her next heat cycle, which should be sometime this summer. 


Turned one this past weekend in Denver and we got a few nice pics of her growing up. 

There is so much I like about her, and very excited about her. She is currently out west learning to be a cattle dog. She has the drive and instinct. Let's make me proud baby girl!


Ell was out last summer/fall for herding lessons/camp and came back with a leg in Started Trial Dog - cattle, and got her title in Started Trial Dog - sheep (these are titles given by Australian Shepherd Club of America). She's going for a refresher before the CWCCA National Herding Trials (AKC sanctioned) and her handler Glenn and her make a good team, but I'm already nervous and I'm just watching!

I'd also like to introduce my newest family member, Archer;

He is from Deb Shindle and Cindy Bossi and wasn't 'planned', but he is here nonetheless. His first weekend out at 6 months old he was RWD to the major on saturday and on monday was WD/BOW for his first 2 points (the major broke). He has a lot to offer my breeding program if everything works out like I hope. He is out of CH Pluperfect Merrymoon Practical Magic x CH Riverside Telltail Pulitzer's Prize.


Sadie Girl was shown as a VETERAN in St Paul at the Herding Specialty in January. I can't believe she's old enough, but she IS eight years old and I just saw a few grey hairs in her eyebrows. She still acts like a puppy and she makes me laugh every day. We were going to try for our Nationals' Agility Trials but we've been away from the sport since the rules have changed and the local kennel club (90 miles away) didn't have any room for us, so we will just wait. In the mean time she is keeping the pack in line as any alpha should, and my bed warm at night.

So that is the recap I think. We've been staying most of the time and not traveling to many shows due to lack of funds and busy farming life, but we hope you are all enjoying your winter. We finally got a huge snow storm last week and Corgis love the snow, so I'm glad someone enjoys it.

Be Well.

Monday, October 15, 2012

3 months later...lots of updates.

Where has the summer gone? I'll tell you where! I've been transporting sheep across the country!!! Since my last check in, I have only been to TWO DOG SHOWS! The North Star Herding Group Specialty weekend in Lake Elmo, Minnesota and the NorthWestern Cardigan Fancier's Specialty weekend in Richland, Washington!

The weekend of the NSHGC Specialty Brewer was Best of Opposite Sex two days and Select one day, while Libby (#1 Cardigan in the breed this year) was BOB all three days. Campbell was WB/BOW two days and RWB one day. Campbell now has 10 points and needs both majors to finish. Brewer is at 19 GCH points with 5 majors and 2 singles (a special was pulled one day, breaking the GCH major) and I think they'll both finish easily, just need some more coat.

Richland was fun! I got to see Pilot go BOB for the 2nd year in a row at the Specialty. Nash, Brewer's half brother was Select that day too and he and Flyer (another Pilot son) helped earn Pilot 1st place in Stud Dog too. Ava and Brewer showed that day and showed well, just out of coat and in the presence of some nice dogs. Pilot was Select the other two days and Ava didn't show the rest of the weekend. Brewer was out of coat but showed well. The judges sure seemed to appreciate his goofy self.

Other than that, the dogs have been coming and going. Staying with friends, other dog homes and family situations. I'm not in a position to take them all to classes so it was fun to have them all on little vacations.

Ell was in Oregon for the summer and while out there, earned her STDs (started trial dog - sheep) and one leg towards her STDc (started trial dog - cattle).  She will be trialing at the National Specialty in Arizona in March/April with AKC titles so fingers cross for that.

The breeding with Ava didn't take as she was only in heat for 7 days. I'm not sure if she'll be coming in again on schedule or if she'll wait 5+ months again to come in. In the mean time Ballantyne is awaiting her suitor out west so she may be having pups before Ava.

let's see. Oh yes.

While in Oregon I got to see Brewer's first litter of pups. There were 8 originally and I was able to get photos of three of them while out there. A fouth that Denise and I thought was pet quality was a hit at Richland and everyone wanted to see the three we left behind as they loved this little girl and couldn't believe she was pet quality. So that was nice to hear.

This was the boy we all liked best. His name will be Toshay's Samuel Adams. There is a lot to like about him.
 Below is Toshay's Stella Artois' front and profile photos. A lovely bitch with a lot of promise.

 And the boy below you can see is also a nice boy but no one was looking for a boy, so he went to a pet home. Better to be loved in a pet home than sitting around waiting for a show home.
All in all Brewer and Amy did a good job. Denise said they were a consistent litter and Brewer stamped nice level top lines, length, bone, 'pretty' and great head pieces on them. I can't wait to watch them grow up. In the meantime Brewer has a few other ladies waiting in the wings to serenade and I hope that those litters will be just as nice.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dog show catch up

I have been slacking on updating my blog as much as i should be!

Just a quick update for those not on facebook (where everything is updated much more often!):

June 10 - Campbell (Ebonwald Merrymoon Collateral Damage) was WB/BOW/BOS over 3 specials for her first two points!

July 13 - Brewer (CH Ebonwald's Be Home By Midnight) was Best of Breed over another special for his 2nd GrCH major. Campbell was RWB.

July 14 - Campbell was WB/BOS (no BOW given as judge witheld WD award) for 2 more points! Brewer was select.

July 15 - Brewer was Best of Breed over another special for his 3rd GrCH Major! Campbell was WB/BOW/BOS for another two points. She is now at 6 points. Brewer has 10 towards his GCH, all majors!

I had an incredible weekend this past weekend not only because of the good showing my dogs did, but because I got to be a tourist along the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota with Tylor! It was fun for sure!!

Thanks to all involved for making it a memorable weekend!