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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ava photo in the Group ring

Ava looks extremely displeased with me but I think it was just the second before she was blinking? She really is a happy dog. I swear! :)

Thanks to Dawn for finding this for me :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Group Photo

TAKEN JUST NOW!! This is what you get until Monday! Sorry! :) But they ARE cute! Lots of body splashes :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Puppies are 2 weeks old!

Puppies are two weeks old. Eyes are opening, they are becoming very mobile around the box and their nose pigment is really starting to fill in, nearly completely actually.

To be honest the puppies were an easy whelp. Ten puppies in 3 hours. It must be a record?

The puppies were small. 4.5oz-8oz. About half the size of Ell or Zoe's litters. Looking back at their records the pups basically were twice as big at every stage of their 8 weeks here than this litter is. Now the puppies are fat and sassy, and are gaining every day, so there is no worry there. Its just different!

I had the one stillborn, and about Day 5 I noticed #2 puppy, a brindle male was not gaining. Not only was i supplementing the two small girls (4.5 oz each) but now I had to supplement this boy. After several days, the girls were no longer needing supplementation, but the boy still did. And at this point the vet didn't know what it was, and Daisy was purposely moving him to a corner where there was no heat pad, blanket or other puppies. She'd turn her back on him. I guess nature and mother know best. After trying to supplement him for a few days longer I did end up losing him. Pity. I don't have much control over stillborns, but when you are emotional attached and have spent time, love and energy on a puppy that WAS born alive, it really wracks the brain. And the heart.

Now I need to concentrate on the remaining 8 pups that are all thriving. the two girls are just an ounce less than the next puppy now so everyone is ok in that aspect. Daisy is being an awesome mom, cleaning up after the puppies, eating more than my Briard does every day, and lets the 8 monsters nurse just about all the time. What a good girl :)

I nixed the flower thing. Having four boys is just not working for C names of flowers. So I went again with names of Minnesota Lakes that start with "C".

I'm still trying to decide on puppy registered name theme. I was thinking idioms or song titles or movie titles that start with C but I haven't really thought about it much.

I'm borrowing my sister's digital camera today to take puppy photos. I have a favorite so far, and its a MALE but I know nothing more than length, bone, neck and markings so I could be way off. He was the #10 puppy and was kind of a surprise :)

So photos later

Saturday, May 7, 2011


This was the Naughty Red Girl Bolin's 2nd point under judge Bev Capstick and expertly handled by friend and co-owner Denise Waiting :) Hey! I bred that!