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Monday, June 28, 2010

Wiped Out

Such a hard life it is being a puppy. I wish some days I could nap and eat and lounge around like a puppy. Not a care in the world....and someone to take care of me! :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wadena's Tornado

While I was away at to the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon (28 hours straight there), there was and F4 Tornado that was in Wadena. It started in the park across from my very large senior apartments that I maintain year round yard maintenance. Over half of the apartments are a complete loss. All the trees are gone. The garages and some living quarters are gone. I was away.

The city did not let any IN or OUT of the city for four days and after two of them, allowed only those with permits from their county courthouse to get in. I am finally able to go in tomorrow and try to start helping my clients dig out. Lord knows with all the rain the grass will need to be mowed. Along with tree cutting/trimming, bagging up of all the insulation. piling of debris.

I'm going to be a very busy boy the next week or so.

Oregon was fun! I got to see my Zoe x Huxley pup, Minnie while I was out there, and her owner Missy. I also got to see Carolyn and Emily too. Mandy had a 'thing' on sunday so I couldn't stop to see her, so I didn't get to meet her yet. You'll have to check my farm blog for some photos when I get caught up (both tornado and sheep gathering).

For those who are curious go to for some other photos of the tornado or google it on facebook.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Its finally official!

CH Reine Dior Diving For Gold - DN22241603

Conformation - Awards Processed Through 29-MAY-2010

Number of Points 15

Number Major Wins 3

Number Major Judges 3

Total Number Judges 8

Ebonwald's Because I Said So

Without making excuses she appears short necked, but really doesn't appear so in most of the other photos I have. Unfortunately she isn't standing as nicely in those :P

I'm wanting a different call name for her. Her puppy name was Ballantyne, but I honestly hadn't planned on keeping her this long, until she turned out so well. Suggestions? I like the name Naya for her (kind of like Naughty). She is extremely mouthy and has to tell me what she thinks of everything, especially when I let her outside, inside, out of crate, in to crate, walking to grandma's house, walking back, sitting on the couch, walking to the kitchen...well you get the idea. She also LOVES me. Bolin is more like her mother Ell. She's independent. Ballantyne is to an extent but has to check in with me regularly.
Ears look narrow here but I assure you they are not :P
her registered name will indeed be a testament to her vocal abilities :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ebonwald's Brace For Impact

Ebonwald's Brace For Impact, aka Bolin, at three months. I think I'll keep her ;)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Update on Oliver

As we left you last time, he was just able to have feeling and stand briefly on his own feet (with some help in getting him to stand up).

I went to the three day Fargo show and came home to find that Oliver was WAGGING HIS TAIL! This is a huge ordeal! Not only can he wag his tail but he is now able to stand for several minutes at a time. We are doing the physical training now to help so he doesn't loose any more muscle tone.

He is an extremely happy boy and is able to pee and poop outside on his own accord.

We will continue with the PT and standing exercises and when he wags his tail that just means the world to me. I'm so glad he is getting better and so glad that he is happy.

He's my big goof :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

movement photos

I had some video taken of my girls the other day. We played it on the TV and I took photos of the screen. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the girls I have.

A very naked Ell
I'm pretty sure this is the closest I have to perfection, fluffy and all :)

Fargo Supported Entry

I had a quick moment to sit down at the computer.

I wanted to thank EVERYONE who helped to make the CWCCA Supported Entry a huge success its first year! I really appreciate everyone who helped donate for trophies, entered dogs, and drove the sometimes long distances to get to Fargo to support it. Without your willingness to do so, it would not have been as big of a success as it was.

The FMKC members were excited to see that the Supported Entry brought in such a large entry and are banking on other breed clubs to follow suit and make the entries worth while in Fargo. It was the first S.E. show and it went really well despite some anxiety on my part. Many thanks to the FMKC members and our show chair who helped during the show to make sure it went smoothly, Mary, Janelle and Lois you ladies rock!

I really hope that next year will be just as successful and hope to make it a yearly thing with breeder judges and Cardigan friendly judges. I have a list from last year that you guys had sent me for the show chair to pick and I can add names to it if you request some one special :)

Again many thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to all the winners! I was really happy to just be a part of it, in and out of the ring and I hope that the mileage doesn't scare you away next year :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Melt down

Hmm. I'm starting to do the melt down.

Having never done a Supported Entry, or a dog show chair position in the past this is all mind boggling.

First of all there is no 'list' of things that need to be done for a S.E. At least I never got one.

In passing, during several conversations with different people I keep finding more things that need to be done.

Oh. JUDGE'S gifts??!! really??

A CWCCA MEDALLION? Oh, that was supposed to be in the premium? Now to track one down and get it here by Saturday.

Special rosettes? hmmm

The towels I was to get embroidered ...well... only 3 were done today. They were wrong. They won't be done until Thursday late afternoon. I LEAVE Thursday at noon. I hope they are right.

NO ONE in the upper midwest does engraving for water buckets. NO ONE. Closest place? New Jersey! And its 4-6 weeks waiting. Thank goodness for improvising!

My order from PetEdge still isn't here and it was shipped on Thursday. From Iowa. To Minnesota. REALLY? I could have drove down to get it.

Silent Auctions, raffles, pot lucks, reserved grooming, bathing area, judges seminar, shuttles for the judges, proper paperwork to CWCCA AND AKC AND Onofrio. I'm really glad I"m not a show chair. Sheep and Pigeon shows are a breeze in comparison! And no one hates me if I do those wrong! :)