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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ebonwald's Because I Said So

Without making excuses she appears short necked, but really doesn't appear so in most of the other photos I have. Unfortunately she isn't standing as nicely in those :P

I'm wanting a different call name for her. Her puppy name was Ballantyne, but I honestly hadn't planned on keeping her this long, until she turned out so well. Suggestions? I like the name Naya for her (kind of like Naughty). She is extremely mouthy and has to tell me what she thinks of everything, especially when I let her outside, inside, out of crate, in to crate, walking to grandma's house, walking back, sitting on the couch, walking to the kitchen...well you get the idea. She also LOVES me. Bolin is more like her mother Ell. She's independent. Ballantyne is to an extent but has to check in with me regularly.
Ears look narrow here but I assure you they are not :P
her registered name will indeed be a testament to her vocal abilities :)


Michelle said...

How about Bacall, as in Lauren Bacall? She was known for her voice, and Bacall sounds similar to "Because."

Baledwr said...

She's growing up a lot, nice bone. They are both in the awkward age ;) so don't be too tough on the little things. Sounds like she's like Pie, he's very VERY loving. Did Denise tell you he loves her so much he screams when he sees her?

Joanna said...

Is Bolin pronounced like Boleyn? Henry VIII's wife? Or like Ball-in? Sorry for the digression, but my brain has been fighting with that one for weeks and I end up thinking "Garrett's B puppy" instead of her real name.

My vote for Ballantyne is Eulalie - it means "good talker" and it's the same vintage as Sadie and Daisy, plus awesome Music Man references abound.

Bonus rear on the unnamed one, for sure, and I love her ears. I will look forward to seeing her when she's not trying to turn herself into a turtle. I have the same issue with my girl babies who are a little older, which is why you haven't seen any stacked pics of them lately! Sooner or later they will realize that they can stand up straight, I hope!

Dawn said...

I like her Garrett!

Toshay said...

GEEZ who was stacking this puppy! He rear is better than that and she does have a neck.