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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Melt down

Hmm. I'm starting to do the melt down.

Having never done a Supported Entry, or a dog show chair position in the past this is all mind boggling.

First of all there is no 'list' of things that need to be done for a S.E. At least I never got one.

In passing, during several conversations with different people I keep finding more things that need to be done.

Oh. JUDGE'S gifts??!! really??

A CWCCA MEDALLION? Oh, that was supposed to be in the premium? Now to track one down and get it here by Saturday.

Special rosettes? hmmm

The towels I was to get embroidered ...well... only 3 were done today. They were wrong. They won't be done until Thursday late afternoon. I LEAVE Thursday at noon. I hope they are right.

NO ONE in the upper midwest does engraving for water buckets. NO ONE. Closest place? New Jersey! And its 4-6 weeks waiting. Thank goodness for improvising!

My order from PetEdge still isn't here and it was shipped on Thursday. From Iowa. To Minnesota. REALLY? I could have drove down to get it.

Silent Auctions, raffles, pot lucks, reserved grooming, bathing area, judges seminar, shuttles for the judges, proper paperwork to CWCCA AND AKC AND Onofrio. I'm really glad I"m not a show chair. Sheep and Pigeon shows are a breeze in comparison! And no one hates me if I do those wrong! :)


Baledwr said...

Breathe. It will be ok. And people will understand, these things always have a hitch.

Gee, I'm still waiting on a rosette we had advertised for a supported show 4 years ago when Hannah was BISweeps...that reminds me. LoL.

Everyone is going to have a great time and next year will be even better. trial by fire and all.

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Dawn said...

It will be fine! It will all work out and if it doesnt we will laugh and go on. No biggie! If you need anything from down this way let me know I can run for you.

C-Myste said...

Was the medallion in the premium list? If not, it can't be awarded in the ring even if it was supposed to be in the list. The judge or the steward can step outside of the ring to award it.

And if it is in the premium list but isn't there, you're supposed to make good on it later.

I'm still awaiting some special stamp that Shadow and I won in obedience in Coos Bay in . . . um . . . 1991 or 1992.

Unfortunately I somehow know a whole bunch of these rules.

Emily said...

Call me if you need me! I have been in charge of tons of SE's. And crazy me chairing the 2011 BCSA nationals...

Sherilyn said...

Rus and I supported the one fall entry in Des Moines a few years ago, and it was crazy! Somehow, at the end, everything pulled together, the gal that was bringing the special sheepie cookies showed up about 30 minutes before ring time, we got tables moved and set in record time, and I was a hormonal melting mess! (my hysterectomy had been 6 weeks earlier! LOL)

I'm sure you will do great, and everyone will have a wonderful time. Just breathe! Wish we could be there too! Can't wait to hear all the results! :)

Anonymous said...

Things always go wrong but hey it's just a dog show and you can do it. Our last one had a judge change so we did sweeps as scheduled then had to wait until the end of the replacement jugdge's assignment, move all the trophies and etc to another ring etc. Remember the most important thing is it is not about the trophies, gifts or goodies it is about the dogs and supporting the breed you love. Enjoy your day and your peers and nothing will go wrong that can't be fixed.

Anonymous said...