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Monday, October 31, 2011

Another good weekend

I have had a really great year with dog showing. I honestly cannot remember the last dog show I didn't win anything. Even in Ohio the girls were in the ribbons every time. I've been very humbled and very appreciative of all the wins and the compliments on my 'kids'.

This weekend Ballantyne only needed 2 singles to finish. She was Winner's Bitch for her fourth major on Saturday under Judi Bendt. She is my second bred-by Champion, and every point was breeder/owner handled. I'm so pleased that a moderate sized bitch was able to be so competitive and win her champion title so fast.

Sunday my Levi x Daisy puppies turned 6 months old and I entered Cass and Cambell (brindle boy and girl) and Cass was Winner's Dog and Best of Winner's for a 3 point major on his first day as a show dog! I was surprised and thrilled. The judge had many great things to say about the little guy! I guess I'll hang on to him for awhile :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Photos from Richland

First photo is of Brewer's WD at the Supported Entry under breeder judge Emily Fish. Shown by Mandy Katasse. Thank you both so much :)

Below is Brewer winning Reserve Winners dog at the NWCF Regional Specialty. Thank you judge Kay Reamensnyder for this win and Mandy Katasse for showing him for me :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Brewer's amazing weekend, and Minnie's too!

Today Brewer was RWD to another 5 point major. Today his half brother Nash was WD to finish! Yesterday Nash was RWD and I was told both days it was VERY CLOSE as to who should get it. I told Mandy that if it was that close they should have asked for a redo to make sure ;) ha ha ha

Big congrats to my friend Jeri who's trip out west was now worth the long drive! SO HAPPY FOR YOU JERI!

I am also extremely pleased to know that Brewer was well received with all three judges (twice RWD to a 5 pt major and once WD for a 5 pt major!) and with breeders/exhibitors ringside. I'm so hard on my dogs I guess I need to lighten up :)

Many many thanks to Mandy and Carolyn, Missy and Denise for all of their hard work sending me results from all three days and telling me all the good news that was coming in about Brewer. Special thanks to Mandy for showing him so well for me!

Minnie (Ava's sister) went up to Richland as well and earned her 2nd leg for her RA title with a 2nd place, and today got her 3rd leg and 3rd place for her official RALLY ADVANCE title! WOHOO!!! There were also family photos taken of Pip (formerly Alamo), Minnie, Zoe and Huxley so I can't wait to see those as well!

All in all it was an amazing weekend for the Ebonwald crew. I've been really blessed to have such an amazing year of show wins and trial qualifying runs! Thank you my friends for all your hard work keeping me mentally in check, helping with dogs where you could and keeping me up to date at all the events. You guys ROCK!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Brewer's had a good weekend so far

I was unable to go to the Richland WA shows but Brewer still has done me proud!

Friday at the NWCF Regional Specialty Brewer was Reserve Winner's Dog to a 5 point major! Yolanda's Token was WD to finish. His Daddy Pilot was Best of Breed!

Saturday at the Supported Entry Brewer was WINNERS DOG for a FIVE POINT MAJOR! Joanne and Ferris' bitch London that is owned by Terry Devine was Winners Bitch! What a great weekend so far. I'm so sorry I couldn't be there to watch it