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Friday, October 29, 2010

kinda big news....

Ok so im trying to use the blogger app for my phone. Lets see if this works!

Ell won her open bitch class today. Ava won the bred-by class. Then Ell went winners bitch for her second major! It was a FIVE point major and it finished her! !

AKC pending she is now CH Merrymoon Ebonwald I'm a Q.T. Judge was Mr. Donald Buxboom. Now on to herding for Ell Bell!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Its not a big deal.....but......

Mitcham was only shown 3 days as a move up at the FMKC shows. He was BOB all three days and got a pull in the group on Sunday. While Briards are not shown ever in large numbers, and are small in number (population-wise) it IS kind of fun....its my first dog that is 'ranked' :)

Grand Championship Points Ranking

Events are processed through October 12, 2010.

Rank Dog Name Sex GCH
No. 1 GCH CH Ne Orageux's Al Capone Dog 108
No. 2 GCH CH Celebratia Vintageeightyfour Dog 86

GCH CH La Vie Rose Dior-August-Moon CD RN Dog 86
No. 4 GCH CH Deja Vu All Over Again Dog 78
No. 5 GCH CH Bella Del Conte Rissoso Bitch 72
No. 6 GCH CH Dior's Copper Mine Dog 55
No. 7 GCH CH Deja Vu Mia Chain Of Fools Dog 53
No. 8 GCH CH Honeycreek's Chantilly Lace Bitch 46
No. 9 GCH CH Lighting Strike El Xargall Dog 35
No. 10 CH Sendero's Vodka Cocktail Bitch 24
No. 11 CH Avant Garde Of The Coastline Bitch 20
No. 12 CH Victoria's Vicomte Nicolas Dog 18
No. 13 CH Mon Amies Devil In Disguise Dog 17
No. 14 CH Suite Car Named Desire Dog 15
No. 15 CH 'Cause I'M Miss Dior Bitch 14

CH Nase Czechmate Moravia Campanella Bitch 14
No. 17 CH Butler De Bejaune Dog 13

CH Reine Dior Diving For Gold Dog 13

CH Majestique Brave Heart Dog 13
No. 20 CH Mon Amies Eloise At The Plaza Bitch 12
No. 21 CH Deja Vu Mia Cake Walk Dog 11
No. 22 CH Neorageux's Dark Side Of The Moon By Brairdale Bitch 9

CH Aladax All About W.S. Cain Dog 9

CH New Sensation Dalido Bitch 9
No. 25 CH Touche In Cahoots With Deja Vu Dog 8

CH Briardale's Camille Lebec Bitch 8

CH Be Happy Moravia Campanella Bitch 8

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ballantyne's first day as a show dog...

...was in Hutchinson, MN with Mr. James Frederickson judging today. It was Ballantyne (AKA Naughty)'s first time at a show where she was entered. I wasn't expecting anything as she was pretty overwhelmed outside the ring with the Chow and Min Pins across the aisle.

Within moments of walking in the ring, the judge started talking to me "show her on a loose lead" and "don't hard stack her or she won't give ears, and won't look her best". He REALLY liked her. I don't take compliments well, but thanked him after every time he said something about her. With ever 'go around' she moved better and looked happier and by the time Best of Winner's came around, She was super happy and moving better than I'd seen her move before.

Elaine with her Jewel was BOB and Ballantyne was BOS and WB. It was just a single point but she beat out the dog for BOW and three other bitches for WB so I'm happy! I had Ava entered in BBE and Naughty was in 6-9 puppy. The Judge commented on Jewel's high tail carriage and made note of it to me with Ava when we were on the table, so I'm guessing that is why she was 2/2 in her class. With her other virtues I would think the carriage wouldn't matter but again, its one judges opinion. Ava and Naughty are SO different that I like taking them both to see what judges will do with them.

Even with Naughty (still Ballantyne!) being smallish I am very thankful the judge was able to see her virtues (if he couldn't see Ava's) and am happy for her first point! Yippee!

At the first photo shoot with the judge, he remarked again how promising and lovely she was and if I can show her on a loose lead she'll be a fun and winning dog! That made my 3 hour drive each way worth it!

Friday, October 1, 2010

good luck

Good luck to all my friends out in the
PNW this weekend! I expect updates!
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