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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Empty Nest

Adam is home for the Holidays and I didn't realize that it would be SO hard on the dogs! They are almost as mopey and sad as I am ;)

To rectify this problem we are dremeling nails daily, and two dogs a day get a bath! Lucky dogs :)

Nights are spent with 9 dogs trying to vie for attention with me on the couch. So far I've had a record 6 corgis and Mitcham on the couch/me at one time. Total hysteria!

They do keep a look out around each doorway for Adam. Who knew that just over four months of my life would totally change me, my dogs and my home so much.

Hurry Back Adam we miss you!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

St Cloud Day 2

Ava was WB, BOW, BOS again today as the only bitch entered. She is now at 6 points with one major. Brewer moved wonderfully around the ring with Adam today although Brewer had a melt down on the table and pee'ed all over the table and Adam. Aside from that he showed well, but did not get WD or RWD because of that. Adam was frustrated but I told him everyone goes through it. Considering it was both their first show weekend I'm just happy that they both made it around the ring :)

I forgot to mention that on saturday our judge commented that it was so nice to see this breed being shown by all YOUNG PEOPLE! I beamed I think all the way home but I guess age is relative...and he was a pretty old judge lol.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

St. Cloud day 1

Ava was the only bitch entered. She was WB, BOW and BOS to Picasso for one point. Brewer being shown by Adam was RWD. I'm just happy neither tripped or fell down in the ring and both looked pretty good if I do say so myself ;)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Two more CHIC Cardigans!

Zoe and Daisy officially are now CHIC members! I've been checking the online database and its official!

and the CHIC database page with ALL 22 cardigans on it

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brewer at 9 months

He's not perfect but he's finally nice enough to take a few photos of him :)

I'd appreciate your thoughts. I still think he needs more depth of chest...the same biggest thing I saw also at 8 weeks, but maybe that will fill in SOME. He has fluid movement all ways, pretty head, nice angles, but seems a bit leggy to me also. Am I being too hard? Not hard enough? Missing something completely? I am always up for learning.

Aside from the stellar temperament, gorgeous markings and deep, rich color, he also has other qualities so we'll see how he shakes out. He shows at his first show this weekend in St. Cloud, MN this weekend. 2 points each day. I'll keep you posted!

Minnie photos

Carolyn took some photos of Minnie (Huxley x Zoe) and they are on her blog. her direct link to this post is here:

Dang that half mask!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kinda Neat

I received this from OFA yesterday when my Certificates for the PRA Clear/Normal results for Zoe, Ell and Daisy came back. It was kind of surprised but kind of honored at the same time. now to figure out where to put it!

I'm now just waiting for Zoe and Daisy's CHIC numbers to come. Ell's official hips are going to be done in a few weeks when I have the extra cash. Mitcham's will get done at the same time.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ell's Champion photo

Well it was worth the wait! :)

Her daughter's photo came today also but I'm not putting that up. It does not do her justice!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How many times is too many?

I did Awards Records from the AKC for Zoe, Mitcham and Ell. They are my three Champions and I was curious how many times in fact they were Winners, Reserve, Best of Winners or BOB/BOS.

I also noticed the number of times they were in the ribbons. In Cardigans, there are usually small enough entries that everyone gets a ribbon. Sometimes not, but very rarely. I compared these records with my own and noticed that in all the days of showing only one did not get a ribbon one day (she was 5th out of 5).

So my question. how many times is too many? how many shows do you enter before you call it quits? I didn't think any of the wins were prolonged...even if I did finish Ell when she was three (but only showed her 3 days in the last 18 months).

Its very rare that you get a dog or bitch that finishes in three days with 5 point majors. It happens, but again....very rarely. Its not a slight at anyone's dog not being good enough, but the odds???

What is a reasonable amount of times? 25? 50? 100? I know some people only show to breeder judges. Or at specialities. The wins when they are won are very respectable. But how often can people do that?

Mitcham was shown 18 times before he earned his CH title. 16 days he was WD, 2 he was RWD. Of those 16 times he was BOW 7 times and BOS 5 times. His three times out as a special (a move up really) he was BOB all three days for majors towards his Grand Champion. He finished quickly, but only had competition in the Dog classes three times. His points were all cross over points. Its hard to finish a male dog in Briards because most people do not keep them.

So what's my point? I don't have one. Just curious as to the madness. I showed both Zoe and Ell 40 some times. Each of them was RWB 14 times and WB 8 or 9 times. I don't think that is awfully many considering I live in an area with not many majors.

As my dogs improve and I am in the breed longer should I/will I only show to breeder judges or at specialties? Will I only show to certain judges and only enter when they are within driving distance? Its thought provoking

I"d be curious to hear what you think about this subject.