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Friday, December 10, 2010

Two more CHIC Cardigans!

Zoe and Daisy officially are now CHIC members! I've been checking the online database and its official!

and the CHIC database page with ALL 22 cardigans on it

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Sarah said...


I think I've mentioned before, the low number of CHIC Cardigans doesn't really bother me much, as I can look up specific dogs I'm interested in knowing about. Especially since being a CHIC dog doesn't mean the dog passed any of the tests, just that the tests were done. :-)

The PRA thing keeps SO many from being CHIC approved. People either have their dogs cleared by line, or, in my case, we tested all the pups very early, and they were listed as "brindle girl 2, dark sock" on the test form. I had to jump through hoops to get Syd and Breezy's test from 4 weeks old "approved" by OFA, I had to pay them to do it, and had to get a letter stating the identity of the two dogs, photos, etc. Really, I wouldn't go through that again if the situation came about in the future.

I think it's great for any that do the test through OFA and have followed the three CWCCA-approved tests for the breed, but I don't hold it against anyone for not doing an OFA PRA test if not needed, or for not jumping through hoops (and paying more $$) to get OFA's stamp of approval for the test in situations like mine.