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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brewer at 9 months

He's not perfect but he's finally nice enough to take a few photos of him :)

I'd appreciate your thoughts. I still think he needs more depth of chest...the same biggest thing I saw also at 8 weeks, but maybe that will fill in SOME. He has fluid movement all ways, pretty head, nice angles, but seems a bit leggy to me also. Am I being too hard? Not hard enough? Missing something completely? I am always up for learning.

Aside from the stellar temperament, gorgeous markings and deep, rich color, he also has other qualities so we'll see how he shakes out. He shows at his first show this weekend in St. Cloud, MN this weekend. 2 points each day. I'll keep you posted!

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StubbyDog said...

He's not leggy. He could use a bit more body length IMO, but he's not leggy...he just has no chest LOL.

It's tough...boys are hard because in most cases you need to be pickier with them if you're going to keep/breed them. The front right now bothers me, but fronts change a lot with growth so I certainly wouldn't throw it out yet. Otherwise there isn't much to pick on, he has some really nice qualities too.