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Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's the story?

So I've been getting emails and texts and phone calls wanting to know if Zoe is indeed bred.

According to emails with Carolyn, the last natural tie was on 10/4/09. 28 days from there would be November 1st, which is what my vet said is the earliest they could do an ultrasound. Since I believe her, I have an appt for Zoe-Momma on Monday.

I do however believe she is bred. She is now eating almost as much as Mitcham, and is starting to have larger nipples that are so pink I swear they glow in the dark. She also is getting rounder on her sides, I referenced pork tenderloins (small ones mind you) but maybe that wasn't a great comparison :)

We'll keep you posted

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fleece giveaway!

So any of you readers interested in getting a fleece from me to spin/knit into something? I'm looking to broaden my clientele and word of mouth is great! I'd be willing to send you a raw fleece, or roving (once it is processed) for you to play with and make something. you are able to keep whatever you make, but I would like photos of the finished product, the kind of yarn it was used, how you liked the wool, etc.

Any takers?

Monday, October 19, 2009

whelping supplies list

I've been chatting with several other CWC breeders about supplies needed for whelping. Since its my first litter I pretty have zero supplies. It took me two years to accumulate all of the 'needed' supplies for lambing and i seem to throw out a lot of stuff that expires each year due to not needing it, but I guess I'd rather throw it out and buy a new bottle of calcium gluconate (or something else that has expiration date) than have a ewe or lamb that needs it at 4am on a Sunday or a snowstorm.

I have already purchased a food to the .10 ounce. I have lots of old towels, but was curious as to what else would be needed (obviously a lot)

It would be helpful if you could perhaps send me a private email with what would be needed, or you can reply here too.

I realize i need a whelping box, which I'll probably do a plastic swimming pool for starters. I need a lower Xpen so i can reach over and pick up puppies at any time, and obvious things like heat pat or lamp, but specifically what KIND you have used, or what products NEVER to buy.

Also where you go to find these supplies...ebay, petedge, etc.

I didn't want to buy too many things before she was confirmed pregnant, and have it sit here taking up space if she wasn't bred, but I guess its better to err on the side of caution right?

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Zoe has been not eating all of her meals the past few days....and not even going back later to eat it. I'm not a fan of letting raw food sit out, but was hoping she'd get hungry later.......

Perhaps the sign of morning sickness? I'm no woman, so don't know the first thing about 'signs' rather than puking and not wanting to eat. :)

oh please oh please oh please oh please!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good Dog!

The other day my Grandpa had left the gate open to one of the cattle yards while he was going in with a round bale. He ended up watching in horror as the cattle ran past him and the round bale and right out the open gate! They never do that for my dad or I...and they can't really tell who is in the cab of the tractor so they must have just sensed it was him.

He came to my doorstep out of breath and really frantic. Poor Grandpa, at 83 just should not be doing that stuff and/or chasing cattle. So I went to get Oliver and he and I set out to get the cattle in. Oliver may not be able to run as fast as other corgis b.c. of his HD (although not clinical), but he sure has the heart. He chased our leased bull back into the pen and when I told him to continue to chase him, he ran through the very deep mud to go after him.......and he did end up making it through the mud to bark at him and tell him what for.

After that was accomplished Oliver and I accompanied my Grandpa out to our northern pasture via 4-wheeler to help him get his truck unstuck from the coulee he was stuck in. Oliver ran an easy pace of 15mph next to the 4wheeler the entire 1 mile there and back and was always watching me on the 4wheeler for any commands I might give out at any second.

He's such a good dog!

I couldn't even get him to wipe that silly smile off of his face until bedtime that night. He was surely pleased with himself. :) Maybe it was because he got to keep his muddy coat on until it dried and flaked off?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cleaning house

With the six inches of snow that was supposed to come last night, didn't come, I am cleaning house like a mad man. There are very few days that I have ANY time to clean, let alone six hours of time!

The dogs are muddy as the snow we DID have is melting so they are in their crates drying off (and have you ever tried to sweep or vaccuum with 7 dogs barking and trying to take your broom or vaccum handle?) Once that is done I'm out to seperate ewe lambs from ewes and more hoof trimming. A good day to get it done, as hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to go back and finish pruning at the lake homes that I started on last week......

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I just checked Onofrio for breed counts in Sioux Falls, SD. I didn't enter as no one said they were trying to build a major there. You need only 6 bitches to make a major. Ell only needs a major, and while I don't expect to win necessarily, I didn't enter because I didn't think it WOULD be a major, or even close to it. Ell would have been the 6th bitch.

So I guess I'm not out anything, since I didn't enter, but those who were looking for a major close to home, didn't get it. And that is the biggest pity, since we can't work together to build the majors. tsk tsk

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back to normal

Well things are pretty much back to normal here after a good sleep :)

I waited to pick up Zoe at 730pm at the MSP airport cargo building for Delta/Northwest. An hour later she was finally delivered to the waiting area. I met her at the bay to load her up. She saw me and started trembling, squealing and barking like she had to pee. I quickly broke the zip strips and got her agility slip lead out of the back of the Expedition.

We ran to a patch of grass for her to go potty and she barely went, she just kept running circles around me barking and jumping up on me and trying to lick my face. This went on for a good ten minutes before I finally said...'OK if you aren't going to go potty, let's go home'! She made a b-line (beeline?) for the open door and leaped into the vehicle.

Driving home I kept turning to see her in the wire crate I had brought for her to ride in, right behind the armrest so she could look out and also see me. Well she was ALWAYS staring at me, almost smiling the whole way home. Every time I'd start talking to her she'd get all worked up and bark and tremble and squeal. She did this ALL the way home, all three hours.

On the way home we ran into the snow storm and watched the temperature drop a good 22 degrees and it was a white out. I drove on slick roads in a whiteout condition the last 60 miles. Fun times.

We got home, she jumped out of the car and dove right into the snow (yes we had an accumulation) and gobbled up a few mouthfuls and then preceded to run around the barn yard barking frantically. The dogs inside heard this and they started barking. Zoe ran to the house and waited for me to open the door.

Gradual introductions of Oliver and Sadie (alpha male and female) went went and then i introduced Ell and Daisy. Zoe of course had to put Ell in her place and then they were off running laps around the house.

Justice and Mitcham were reacquainted with her too, but separately and for good reason: I wanted her to snap at them to tell them to back off. It worked pretty good :)

Bedtime at 1:30am and Zoe hopped on the bed and then waited for me to lay down. She jumped on my chest and licked my face....with more purpose and more determination than I've ever witnessed :)

Morning was terrible as I got her licking all over again and she was saying she was SO happy to be home with me and the family. By breakfast time, she has settled down to her normal mellow self.

I asked her if she had puppies and she just winked and handed me the book "what to expect, when expecting". Any new mom I'm sure has read this book. I guess I have to start reading it to Zoe? *BIG GRIN*

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

She's coming home!

My blue baby girl, the blue girlfriend, ZM, Zoe-Miester, Zozo is coming home!

I can't believe she's been gone so long, but it really feels like no time at all. I DO know that she was AI'ed four times and two natural ties so if she ISN"T pregnant, there is something wrong!

Oh and we figured she'll be due around December 3rd. My 30th birthday is December 5th. I had visions of going to Las Vegas to float down the lazy chlorine rivers at the hotels with cocktails in my hand, and dance the nights away at the clubs. I'm not a gambling man :) With this new sure doesn't look as though I'll be going ANYWHERE, let alone clubbing or drinking adult beverages! Perhaps I'll be having a small 'whelping' party on my me, Zoe and maybe Wanda.

Priorities change when you get 'big'. I guess I'm not complaining.....I can always dance the 'happy dance' when the puppies come!! :D

Birthday Boy!

Justce is 1 year old today. I can't believe where the time has gone?? Seems like only yesterday this photo was in my Inbox:

Somewhere in this pile 'o' puppies is Justice at a few days of age......

Here he is WAAAAy on the right of this photo. I called him Mr Cute Face when he was little. I just LOVED that head!

Just after I got him home from the Saint Paul, MN dog who. The Beashau's brought him from Ohio to MN. What great ladies! Here his ears are finally up!
Justice winning his 2nd two points in Vermillion in June. I think he's going to be an AWESOME boy when he finishes growing up!

Justice is taking some time off to grow up a bit. Mr cute face is a little gangly right now, but we are hoping to bring him out in St. Paul this January, or perhaps wait until the spring shows in April/May. Time will tell :)

Happy Birthday Juicy J! Ice cream for everyone again!! Ok and maybe an extra chicken neck too :)

He's a little hard to live with these days as Daisy is making him go crazy with whining and whistling (which in turn makes me go crazy). He is sleepin in the laundry room with the fan on and door closed. I am sleeping on the OTHER side of the house with MY door closed and MY fan on and can still hear him during the night. I am a light sleeper but COME ON! :) It'll all be over shortly...I hope....well...until Ell comes into season...which is any day...! Oh the joys of having boys!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Birthday Girl

Two years ago today Barb Hoffman found these: (ell is the dark brindle in the upper right middle) (I still need to learn how to make arrows on the photos!)

"Ebony" as she was called as a pup
Ell on the right with her sister Flash on the left getting ready for Christmas

Ell at 8 weeks with Mr. Kimes stacking.
Ell again from the front.

Ell when I brought her home below

her favorite resting spot...IN the coffee table!
Thanks to Mary's help, we have a pretty decent stacked puppy photo :)

Ell and Zoe playing in the first real snow of 2008. They are both part Dolphin....usually with just their tail above the snow line and then they pop up every once in a while to see where they are, and then burrow back under the snow. They LOVE the snow!
Isn't it apparent? :D

A couple of shows...
First time in the ring and Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2!

Ell's FIRST Birthday spent at Barb Peterson's place! (Thanks again Barb!) ( I LOVE her EXPRESSION! LOL)

Ell with 'siblings' Sadie and Oliver at the National in April....

and today's photo will have to come later...b.c. its DOOM and GLOOM outside with rain, wind and cold! brr!! Maybe photos later of Ell with her Ice Cream :)

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!