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Sunday, October 11, 2009


I just checked Onofrio for breed counts in Sioux Falls, SD. I didn't enter as no one said they were trying to build a major there. You need only 6 bitches to make a major. Ell only needs a major, and while I don't expect to win necessarily, I didn't enter because I didn't think it WOULD be a major, or even close to it. Ell would have been the 6th bitch.

So I guess I'm not out anything, since I didn't enter, but those who were looking for a major close to home, didn't get it. And that is the biggest pity, since we can't work together to build the majors. tsk tsk


Traci said...

I Hate it when that happens... I'm looking for that last major on Chance too, so I understand... *sigh*

C-Myste said...

Wow, only 6 for a major. Pity that SD is so far away. Especially far during snow season.

Have any shows in spring/summer? It takes 9 bitches here and Molly needs a second major.

Dawn said...

Garrett, Mike was talking about trying to get people to gether for a major on the boys in Shakopee at least one day. There is always the possibility of the crossover. Would love to have you come down.