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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Zoe has been not eating all of her meals the past few days....and not even going back later to eat it. I'm not a fan of letting raw food sit out, but was hoping she'd get hungry later.......

Perhaps the sign of morning sickness? I'm no woman, so don't know the first thing about 'signs' rather than puking and not wanting to eat. :)

oh please oh please oh please oh please!


penni said...

She ought to be pregnant -- Hux took enough shots at her! Some girls do go off their feed for a few days, but usually make up for it later.

Fingers crossed!

StubbyDog said...

Lizzie never stopped eating (I'm really not sure anything could get her to stop eating!), but she went through about 2 days where she puked a couple of times. :)

Fingers crossed for you!

dreameyce said...

Sounds like he got her good! WHEE!!

Countdown begins :)

Dawn said...

Grace quit eating a bit about 2 weeks after she was bred, for about 4 days, then again as she got huge, but then she nibbled all the time. fingers crossed

Brenda said...

I don't know about 'little' doggies, but Zora would be quite nauseous with each pregnancy. So much so, I had to coax her to eat by cooking scrambled eggs with cheese, and adding cottage cheese to her dry or soaked kibble for about the entire duration. Each litter was 12 pups, but of course she is a BWD.
Now, just to make sure I cover the worst case scenario, when I just got back from the UK, she wasn't eating either, and she had been in season about a month ago. So I sent her off with Mark one morning to the office. Yup, cystic ovary, abnormal uterine horn, some adhesions, and the start of a pyo. But then again, she is now about 8 yrs old too.
So, her momma days are now over.:^(

C-Myste said...

Every girl is different. She's at about two weeks now, which would correlate to two months for a human pregnancy. That's when I got sick with my first one (LOL).

I'd say it's a good sign, but then I don't see how she could not be pregnant.

I'm so glad right now that we shipped Zoe instead of semen.

gertie said...

Myrtle's going to be an Auntie? How exciting! Zoe and her siblings are such wonderful, even tempered, sweet pups. Her litter will be extraordinary!

Good luck and I hope the human Frisbys can come for a visit when the pups are old enough. I wish we had room for another one!

~Myrtle and Edward's Mom, Jen