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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good Dog!

The other day my Grandpa had left the gate open to one of the cattle yards while he was going in with a round bale. He ended up watching in horror as the cattle ran past him and the round bale and right out the open gate! They never do that for my dad or I...and they can't really tell who is in the cab of the tractor so they must have just sensed it was him.

He came to my doorstep out of breath and really frantic. Poor Grandpa, at 83 just should not be doing that stuff and/or chasing cattle. So I went to get Oliver and he and I set out to get the cattle in. Oliver may not be able to run as fast as other corgis b.c. of his HD (although not clinical), but he sure has the heart. He chased our leased bull back into the pen and when I told him to continue to chase him, he ran through the very deep mud to go after him.......and he did end up making it through the mud to bark at him and tell him what for.

After that was accomplished Oliver and I accompanied my Grandpa out to our northern pasture via 4-wheeler to help him get his truck unstuck from the coulee he was stuck in. Oliver ran an easy pace of 15mph next to the 4wheeler the entire 1 mile there and back and was always watching me on the 4wheeler for any commands I might give out at any second.

He's such a good dog!

I couldn't even get him to wipe that silly smile off of his face until bedtime that night. He was surely pleased with himself. :) Maybe it was because he got to keep his muddy coat on until it dried and flaked off?


Sarah said...

Good boy, Oliver!

Janet said...

What a good boy! Scout says she is jealous!