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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

She's coming home!

My blue baby girl, the blue girlfriend, ZM, Zoe-Miester, Zozo is coming home!

I can't believe she's been gone so long, but it really feels like no time at all. I DO know that she was AI'ed four times and two natural ties so if she ISN"T pregnant, there is something wrong!

Oh and we figured she'll be due around December 3rd. My 30th birthday is December 5th. I had visions of going to Las Vegas to float down the lazy chlorine rivers at the hotels with cocktails in my hand, and dance the nights away at the clubs. I'm not a gambling man :) With this new sure doesn't look as though I'll be going ANYWHERE, let alone clubbing or drinking adult beverages! Perhaps I'll be having a small 'whelping' party on my me, Zoe and maybe Wanda.

Priorities change when you get 'big'. I guess I'm not complaining.....I can always dance the 'happy dance' when the puppies come!! :D


Baledwr said...

Rumor has it that she is a spoiled house-princess

I'm sure you'll be glad to have her home

oh...and I refused any birthdays after 29 :)

Rayna said...

Ooooh...A whelping party? I would SO

C-Myste said...

You're going to be too sleep-deprived to party much.

It was actually 3 AI's followed by 2 natural ties: days 10-14 total. Due to Huxley's reaction I'm saying that it took.

I've really enjoyed having her, Zoe's a sweet girl. She can come back anytime (though we now know that flying her home is not so easy!)

Missy said...

Woo Hoo!

dreameyce said...

I'm sure you can still party.... you're gonna need to figure out a way to keep your eyes open, so why not?? ;)