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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daisy take 2

Ok apparently Daisy had a false heat two months ago. She's in full blown heat here. The boys AND girls are chasing her with that love struck look to their faces. Silly dogs.

Will keep you posted

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tons of news for Minnie!

I'd have you read about it here but go to Minnie's blog to see what she did this last weekend :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where have I been?


Its a good thing.

Snow Removal, farm chores, and now working for my sisters Accounting company. She keeps getting busier and busier which is good.

I also had a couple of friends move in for a short term stay. And their two cats. So the dogs are downstairs and the cats are upstairs. Needless to say the door at the bottom of the stairway has come in handy, but is a new favorite hang out spot for both species. One to bark at the door, the other to put their paws under the door to entice the dogs. No longer a dull moment.

I have another house party this weekend and I'm doing 'fancy' appetizers (i can't spell the french word) and the dogs are all blowing coat even though its -27 degrees today without windchill when i let them out. This weekend its supposed to be almost 40 above, so will bathe and blow out all the dogs. Fun times I tell ya.

I'm still not sure I can swing the National. I had every intention of going but just don't think I can afford to be gone that long again, or afford the hotel and gas to get there! I also don't know who I would take to show. Hopefully Ava will be back in coat, but do I bring Ell to show in the Megan? Brood bitch? She and Pilot both took awhile to mature, so their pups won't be 'ready' for the national I don't think either this year.

I want to go to Texas. i haven't been since 1993 when our marching band won the National VFW parade. It was kind of a big deal. But I was 13 and don't remember much. :) ah to be young again!