Committed to the improvement of the breed by breeding for health, temperament and better structure in dogs that have the ability to herd.

Monday, October 15, 2012

3 months later...lots of updates.

Where has the summer gone? I'll tell you where! I've been transporting sheep across the country!!! Since my last check in, I have only been to TWO DOG SHOWS! The North Star Herding Group Specialty weekend in Lake Elmo, Minnesota and the NorthWestern Cardigan Fancier's Specialty weekend in Richland, Washington!

The weekend of the NSHGC Specialty Brewer was Best of Opposite Sex two days and Select one day, while Libby (#1 Cardigan in the breed this year) was BOB all three days. Campbell was WB/BOW two days and RWB one day. Campbell now has 10 points and needs both majors to finish. Brewer is at 19 GCH points with 5 majors and 2 singles (a special was pulled one day, breaking the GCH major) and I think they'll both finish easily, just need some more coat.

Richland was fun! I got to see Pilot go BOB for the 2nd year in a row at the Specialty. Nash, Brewer's half brother was Select that day too and he and Flyer (another Pilot son) helped earn Pilot 1st place in Stud Dog too. Ava and Brewer showed that day and showed well, just out of coat and in the presence of some nice dogs. Pilot was Select the other two days and Ava didn't show the rest of the weekend. Brewer was out of coat but showed well. The judges sure seemed to appreciate his goofy self.

Other than that, the dogs have been coming and going. Staying with friends, other dog homes and family situations. I'm not in a position to take them all to classes so it was fun to have them all on little vacations.

Ell was in Oregon for the summer and while out there, earned her STDs (started trial dog - sheep) and one leg towards her STDc (started trial dog - cattle).  She will be trialing at the National Specialty in Arizona in March/April with AKC titles so fingers cross for that.

The breeding with Ava didn't take as she was only in heat for 7 days. I'm not sure if she'll be coming in again on schedule or if she'll wait 5+ months again to come in. In the mean time Ballantyne is awaiting her suitor out west so she may be having pups before Ava.

let's see. Oh yes.

While in Oregon I got to see Brewer's first litter of pups. There were 8 originally and I was able to get photos of three of them while out there. A fouth that Denise and I thought was pet quality was a hit at Richland and everyone wanted to see the three we left behind as they loved this little girl and couldn't believe she was pet quality. So that was nice to hear.

This was the boy we all liked best. His name will be Toshay's Samuel Adams. There is a lot to like about him.
 Below is Toshay's Stella Artois' front and profile photos. A lovely bitch with a lot of promise.

 And the boy below you can see is also a nice boy but no one was looking for a boy, so he went to a pet home. Better to be loved in a pet home than sitting around waiting for a show home.
All in all Brewer and Amy did a good job. Denise said they were a consistent litter and Brewer stamped nice level top lines, length, bone, 'pretty' and great head pieces on them. I can't wait to watch them grow up. In the meantime Brewer has a few other ladies waiting in the wings to serenade and I hope that those litters will be just as nice.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dog show catch up

I have been slacking on updating my blog as much as i should be!

Just a quick update for those not on facebook (where everything is updated much more often!):

June 10 - Campbell (Ebonwald Merrymoon Collateral Damage) was WB/BOW/BOS over 3 specials for her first two points!

July 13 - Brewer (CH Ebonwald's Be Home By Midnight) was Best of Breed over another special for his 2nd GrCH major. Campbell was RWB.

July 14 - Campbell was WB/BOS (no BOW given as judge witheld WD award) for 2 more points! Brewer was select.

July 15 - Brewer was Best of Breed over another special for his 3rd GrCH Major! Campbell was WB/BOW/BOS for another two points. She is now at 6 points. Brewer has 10 towards his GCH, all majors!

I had an incredible weekend this past weekend not only because of the good showing my dogs did, but because I got to be a tourist along the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota with Tylor! It was fun for sure!!

Thanks to all involved for making it a memorable weekend!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ell at herding camp

 Its one of her first time working sheep in a round pen, with someone other than me, and in a new home (camp) but you can see she is going to be a riot to work. I'm excited :)

Summer Plans

Well now that is July (where did MAY go I am still wondering!), things should slow down here for the dogs and I :) Or so I think!

Duluth dog show...Brewer and Campbell are entered. We'll enter them at Lake Elmo too for at least a day (other things to do that weekend) and maybe debut the Higgins x Ell pup Denley there who will just be 6 months old. I'd like to take Margot there for the show too but its always so hot for the super coated dogs, so we'll see if anyone else is going to make points and make it worth someones time!

Ava has become my go to dog for herding. She doesn't quite have the push to make the cows move if they don't want to (Ell always could the stubborn ones moving, but she's off at herding camp). I've introduced Campbell to the sheep and cattle as well. She stays close to me (within 10 feet) but is bounding and smiling and eager to be out there and is still taking it all in ( and letting Ava do all the work). We'll see how she progresses. She may have to go on ducks first to get more confidence. Sadie has been reintroduced to the sheep and cattle too. She truly loves the cattle. The sheep will become stubborn and stop and turn to face her and she panics because she thinks they'll hit her 'bad' hip (the one with the plate in it and wires and pins). Its a mental thing and she needs to go back to ducks again where she doesn't have to worry about that.

We can't find any agility or rally classes that are within 100 miles of my house (one way) so I have the agility course set up minus a few items (chute, a frame, teeter) and am trying to get Sadie back in shape for some agility this fall. I'd like to also do rally with Ava and Mitcham but haven't had the time to really start with them yet. Hopefully now with less traveling I'll be able to get that done.

I feel that each dog I have should have letters on each end of its name, and its more fun to do the performance stuff USUALLY :)

Naveen and Denley are the best of friends. Naveen is truly a sweet, sweet girl and always over eager to see me or anyone else. I can tell Denley will be the big sister and tell her where to go and what she can and cannot chew on, jump up on or whatever, but Naveen doesn't seem to be the least bit worried. In a week or two Naveen will go to live with my friends for puppy k and some socialization classes. I'd hope to get her RN or CGC sometime this year as a pup. never did it but hope to accomplish it.

That's about it here. nothing too exciting. Just enjoying my dogs and letting them be my pets. We still go on our daily 2 mile walks and try to plan them early in the morning when its coolest or later at night right before the bugs get bad.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Upcoming Litter

My good friend Denise Waiting has a litter due July 20th. 

GCH Toshay's Butterfly, aka "Amy" was bred to my Brewer, CH Ebonwald's Be Home By Midnight. This will be Amy's second litter and Brewer's first.

Amy is OFA Good, PennHIP 90%, DM Normal N/N, CERF

Brewer is OFA Good, PennHIP 90%, DM Normal N/N, CERF, E/E, Fluff carrier.

Colors expected in this litter are brindles, and possibly black brindle pointed.

Contact Denise for more information on this exciting litter :)


future litter

Ebonwald's Be Home By Midnight

C-Myste Baledwr Free to Disagree

Merrymoon Firestorm

Phi-Vestavia Pirate's Patch

Phi-Vestavia Unforgettable

Mariel Reese's Alice Springs ROMs

Reese's Bold As Brass ROMb
Ironhill Valentine to Mariel AM CD ROMs

Merrymoon Ebonwald Im a Q.T.

Pluperfect-Merrymoon Prince

Pluperfect Pattern

Merrymoon Pluperfect Poppy

Merrymoon Noblestar My Girl

Mazara Merrymoon Reggae Bob

Merrymoon Noblestar Hot Ice
Toshay's Butterfly
Shadowalk Trademark ROMg

Shadowalk GW Make Way For Morgan ROMb

Phi-Vestavia Cardach Aeron AX OAP NJP ROMb

Shadowalk End of the Innocence ROMs

Shadowalk Vashon Jettsetter ROMb

Phi-Vestavia Inkling ROMg

Shadowalk End of the Innocence ROMs
Toshay's Burnt UmberCoedwig Darby Of Windermere CD NA NAP NAJ
Coedwig Vestavia Luminescence CDX RAE PT OA OAJ OAP OJP ROMg
Coedwig's Perfect Crime
Dcross Bookter Stitch N Time HS
D Cross Bookter Tyler Tyrant
D Cross Mallt

Official photos and with AKC!

My first and second Grand Champions, both bred by myself. Both finished the same weekend. Both got their first majors 12 months prior at the same show, so in a year they both received their Champion title AND their Grand Champion title. Thank you to all involved (stud and bitch breeders) for making this possible.

They are totally different kinds of bitches, and not everyone's cup of tea, and neither are perfect but I'm very pleased with them both and wouldn't change anything about our quest towards their titles.

Ballantyne finished her CH title with 4 majors, and her Grand CH title with ALL majors (7 of them). She had several majors at Supported Entries and NSHGC Specialties.

Ava finished her CH title with 2 majors, and her Grand CH title with all majors (7 of them) including one Best of Breed over 4 other specials. To say I'm proud is an understatement!

GCH CH Ebonwald's Be On The Lookout - DN28237503

Conformation - Awards Processed Through 02-JUN-2012
Number of Points 16
Number Major Wins 4
Number Major Judges 4
Total Number Judges 8

Number of Points 31
Number Major Wins 7
Number Major Judges 7
Total Number Judges 7
Events w/CH Defeated 6

GCH CH Ebonwald's A Blessed Pirate Queen - DN27475204

Conformation - Awards Processed Through 02-JUN-2012
Number of Points 16
Number Major Wins 2
Number Major Judges 2
Total Number Judges 11

Number of Points 27
Number Major Wins 7
Number Major Judges 7
Total Number Judges 7
Events w/CH Defeated 7

Ava will be bred this fall, and Ballantyne is off to boot camp. She'll be shown in Richland this fall, and we'll see what 2013 brings for these girls. In the mean time I am just enjoying them and so glad for my friends who are helping make them, the best they can be.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What a trip! And a souvenir!

So back when I first met Missy and let Minnie (f/n/a Janey) go live with her, part of the agreement was after health tests, and performance titles were done, we would co-breed a litter of pups, with a mutually agreed stud dog.

We searched high and low for a black dog that fit Minnie for things we wanted to improve upon, that was health tested, AND was of a pedigree we could agree on going to.

I must say, that Missy and Glenn have been the premier dog people that could ever be found for a co-ownership!! They never deviated from the contract, kept me in constant contact and updates on anything related to Minnie and her titles, qualifying legs, growth/weight/height, vet visits, heat cycles etc. After having to deal with unfortunate other issues with other co-owners, this was just really too good to be true. So thank you Glenn and Missy for being such outstanding people! I can't thank you enough!

So Minnie was the pick puppy of the Huxley x Zoe litter. I REALLY wanted a show puppy, so Ava stayed here. Minnie went to live with Glenn and Vela (Missy's mom) as she went back to Glenn's old stuff that he used to have.

Jump forward over 2.5 years and here we are on evaluation day. These are NOT the greatest photos but honest pictures of what the pick of the litter was. She WAS the fluff (tested even) and honestly was the puppy I really liked from the beginning, and really hoped for when I saw the 6 week photos.

At this time in my breeding program/life, I told Missy if she became the pick, that I would take her, regardless of her 'fault', as she was the VERY best in the litter and exactly what I was wanting from the breeding. I personally think those who place mismarks and fluffs based solely on those cosmetic concerns are selling their breeding programs of what could potentially be amazing individual dogs, but only my opinion. As much as I love to show, I'm not an idiot when quality is staring me in the face, and can see what they can bring towards bettering the breed. And that is really what is important to me, not a BIS (although it'd be nice along the way! haha

Overall the litter has REALLY pretty heads, great rears and top lines and have amazing round feet and bone. Not OVER done with bone, but nice bone. Naturally not every dog is perfect so I'd like to see more lay back in progeny from these pups moving forward (will have to find dogs with this), and still, more depth of chest, although the top two bitches were really ok, but could always be better. And longer upper arms, but couldn't they almost all?? These pups have the LARGEST EARS EVER! They will all need help standing up, so will need to be taped. The pups are also very sweet pups and giving the chaos all weekend they did really well.

The nice thing about this litter is that the parents were health tested! The pups are DM clear by parentage that was DNA tested, PRA line clear, and pink clear.

Oh yes, the important stuff:

Her call name: Naveen
Her registered name: Spyrock Ebonwald Return To Sender
Her Sire: CH Tailbrite Dark Before Dawn
Her Dam: Ebonwald A Minnesota Blessing CGC RE STDs
Her pedigree:

So you won't see her in the show ring any time soon, but we will be working on other things to keep her occupied, and she'll be living with some dear friends of mine doing Puppy K, socializing and obedience, and I'll get to see her as often as I can! Win:Win for everyone!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Herding instinct = BIG PLUS

I don't seem to update the blog as often as I should, since so many of my thoughts go on my statuses on Facebook.

I have not had a single Cardigan yet to date that hasn't had SOME interest in herding. Whether it be ducks, sheep, cattle or chickens, they seem to have the 'knack' for it from an early age.

After moving the rams today with Sadie, Bolin and Ell, I filled the kiddie pools up with water so that the dogs had several places to cool off in the shade away from the days heat. I went back inside to finish cleaning up the kitchen and heard a racket outside with some Guinea hens which were very displeased. I walked to the window to see Ballantyne and two of the pups, Dago and Dinham calmly walking a group of 9 Guineas around the backyard. At any time the Guineas could have flown away, or the dogs attack the Guineas but I think it was understood by all parties that it was merely 'fun' for the Cardigans.

Once I found them they all came running up to me to beam up at me with their big goofy tongues and faces and roll over to be belly rubbed....pleased with themselves. I've never seen such intent pups, especially ones that were calm enough to just walk slowly behind the birds to get them to move where they wanted them too.

They never cease to amaze me!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Pretty Big News

First of all, last week I became the newest AKC Breeder of Merit! I looked online and I am the 4th Cardigan breeder in the state of MN to receive this award. There are several perks to being in this group of people, and there are a few requirements that are needed for such a title. I received a lapel pin and certificate in the mail this weekend while I was away at the dog show.

Speaking of the dog show:

On Friday under judge Jean Fournier, Ballantyne, aka Naughty, was Best of Opposite at the CWCCA Supported Entry for a 5 point major to finish her Grand Champion title! She finished her Grand title in 6 consecutive shows, with 6 majors! on Saturday she was again BOS, this time under breeder judge Vivian Moran. Now that her Grand CH title is completed she'll have some time off for boot camp and maturing before I take her out again for any amount of fun ;)

On Sunday, under judge Joe Gregory, Ava was Select for her final few points (another 4 pt major!) to finish her Grand Champion title! Ava had 7 Grand majors to finish her GCH title.

Both girls are bred and owned by me. Ava is going to be a momma sometime this fall/winter and she'll take time off to do other things like maybe Rally and CGC testing before she goes back out as a special.

So three wonderful things all in one week!

When I come down from Cloud 9, I'll let you know :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trip West 2012 and dog update.

The first year I went out west to Black Sheep Gathering it was truly only for the sheep. Last year I took sheep AND four dogs out west, switched out three and brought two home. This year I'm planning on bringing out 3 (hopefully 4) and coming home with two! The great dog switcher-oo of 2012.

So updates on the dogs:

Due to my limited income (due to trying to play catch up with the bills and try and get ahead) I am not planning on many dogs shows this summer.

The Higgins x Ell puppies won't be ready to show until Lake Elmo Herding Specialty in August. I've got my girl I'm keeping, Denley, and then Ditty is also here (her home decided not to take her 2 days before being picked up). I'm liking a lot about her and if she continues to grow on as nicely as she is, she will for sure wait for a show home. I have 2 males still available. Dago (who I wouldn't mind keeping anyway! lol) and Dinham. I've had interest in Dinham but nothing solid. These pups have amazing rears and their side gate is incredible. Some of the boys are wide, but I was told that is a growth thing. We'll see how they mature. No rush. you know me, Mr. Patient :P

Campbell is out of coat and in the tubey teenage stage. She's also starting to challenge the older bitches (her mom Daisy was a hard bitch too). She needs a boot camp at someone's house for a few weeks. it would help as she's never been away from me without another dog with her, so I think she still needs it.

Bolin is out of coat too and looks leggier and more tubey than I think she really looks. Bolin is the sweetest bitch who just wants to snuggle and doesn't want to fight ever. We'll see how her and Campbell's coats look and might show them in Lake Elmo in August, but probably nothing else.

Ballantyne needs 4 singles to finish her Grand Champion. She's been shown 5 times as a special and has earned 5 GCH majors! I'm hoping one day in Fargo she'll get another GCH major to finish her title with all majors. After that she is going to Boot Camp out west for a few months. I don't have any intention of specialing her until she's more mature,but might take her out for specialties and such. She did well at the National and had lots of compliments.

Ava needs 3 singles to finish her Grand Champion. She has 6 GCH majors and would be nice to finish her with another major, maybe in Fargo?! After that she will be special-ed on a limited basis and I am hoping to breed her this fall. And depending on how that goes, take her out next year to more local shows. She did well at the national too, and had a few people offer to take her to special her in their neck of the woods. I was flattered but they couldn't have been serious?!

Ell is going out west to learn to be an AKC and ASCA herding dog. I'm hoping to get a few legs on her between now and the National and hope to have her competing at the National next year for AKC legs. its something Ell really loves to do and she's good at it. I figured we should try and be professional at some point! Ell will be spayed at some point. Her contribution to the Cardigan world is pretty good in her two litters and there is no reason to breed her a third time. She was more miserable the second time and had difficult time breathing the last two weeks so for her to pop out 11 pups freely, was a sign to me that she wanted to be done :) Plus her daughters are improvements on her, in my opinion and I can't wait to do some herding with her. Once she's back in October, I'll try and get her out to agility class because she also excels in that and try and get some agility titles on her in the next year. Maybe also at the national?

Sadie Princess. Ah yes. SG. (Sadie Girl). She also loves to herd but isn't as confident with the ewes who try and challenge her (she's afraid they'll bash her bad hip) Ever since the accident Sadie knows which side is her 'vulnerable' side and tries to keep the sheep away from it. I'm thinking if she and i took a herding clinic nearby with sheep who were more trained and more obedient that might help her confidence. I also want to do  more agility training. We haven't been to class since the rules changed two years ago so would need to learn the new rules. Sadie also needs to lose a few pounds and i'm not sure how to do it, as she seems to gain weight on air and water. Suggestions? She's eating barely anything as it is.

Mitcham is trimmed down. his coat is still a nightmare, and his ears never fully came up. Even though he has his 3 majors for his Grand Champion title, I don't think he'll ever get his title. he will not ever be in a 'specials' coat while he lives here with me, and he is extremely active and always wanting to be with me. He loves to herd but he needs massive obedience and again, when funds are short, the show dogs win. Since I don't have a lot to show this summer, I'm hoping we can change that.

Margot is getting a lovely coat in. Her coat is no where near as bad as Mitcham's and can be groomed weekly or every two weeks if I am gone or busy. She's very much a puppy yet, but extremely smart and I hope to be able to show her in Lake Elmo where there should be points, and then Saint Paul. I'm in no rush to show her. Apparently black is hard to finish in Briards. And so are natural eared ones. So she is both and her breeder told me to let her coat get some length before she would be shown so she could be competitive with the cropped eared dogs.

While out in OR I will be helping to evaluate Minnie's litter (Ava's litter sister). If there is something wonderful there, they will come home with me, but only if I can find homes for these brindle pups that are available here. So if you know of someone looking for a brindle boy (or a show girl!) let me know!

Shows I plan on attending: Fargo, Jordan, Lake Elmo, Northwest Cardigan Fanciers Regional Specialty in September.

Shows I might attend: Western Reserve and Duluth. I always enjoy Duluth and they have their health tests there so will get a few of the dogs done there if I go.

Hope to see everyone out somewhere!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dunbar - available

clearly picasa 3 is not working properly after i re-sized, cropped and rotated the photos...but here is Dunbar

He is a gorgeous brown brindle with a lovely darker face with minimal white (kinda like his momma Ell). He is a very sweet, happy boy who is working very hard on his house training and crate training. He is micro chipped, vaccinated and ready to love a new family! We had to hang on to him to take photos because he doesn't really STOP ever (except int he photo to eat some Guinea poop) so this is what you get! :) Serious inquiries are welcome!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dinham - available

Dinham is the clown and jokster of the litter. He's the "toe thief" and always trying to nibble your toe, sock, shoe to get you to play with him. He was also in another home getting socalized and although no kids, they did have dogs, and he spent a lot of his free time at the neighborhood kids backyards. He truly loves to play and snuggle and go-go-go. If Dinham is more your kind of boy, lemme know!

Dago - available

Dagois one of the brindle boys available. He is a huge snuggle bug, and LOVES his people time. He'd rather snuggle up with me on the couch than play with his siblings (although he does enjoy that too, just not as much as people time). He was one of two boys I started to fall for until we did evaluations.  Nothing too terribly wrong with him...he's healthy, genetically won't get PRA or DM and the vet visit showed him free of parasites, good heart, no hernias and his disposition is just fantastic.

He loves kids, adults, big dogs and litle dogs. He spent some time in a home with a family with a 4 year old girl and he loved every minute. I think they did too :) If you know of someone looking for a boy, send them my way!