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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Upcoming Litter

My good friend Denise Waiting has a litter due July 20th. 

GCH Toshay's Butterfly, aka "Amy" was bred to my Brewer, CH Ebonwald's Be Home By Midnight. This will be Amy's second litter and Brewer's first.

Amy is OFA Good, PennHIP 90%, DM Normal N/N, CERF

Brewer is OFA Good, PennHIP 90%, DM Normal N/N, CERF, E/E, Fluff carrier.

Colors expected in this litter are brindles, and possibly black brindle pointed.

Contact Denise for more information on this exciting litter :)


future litter

Ebonwald's Be Home By Midnight

C-Myste Baledwr Free to Disagree

Merrymoon Firestorm

Phi-Vestavia Pirate's Patch

Phi-Vestavia Unforgettable

Mariel Reese's Alice Springs ROMs

Reese's Bold As Brass ROMb
Ironhill Valentine to Mariel AM CD ROMs

Merrymoon Ebonwald Im a Q.T.

Pluperfect-Merrymoon Prince

Pluperfect Pattern

Merrymoon Pluperfect Poppy

Merrymoon Noblestar My Girl

Mazara Merrymoon Reggae Bob

Merrymoon Noblestar Hot Ice
Toshay's Butterfly
Shadowalk Trademark ROMg

Shadowalk GW Make Way For Morgan ROMb

Phi-Vestavia Cardach Aeron AX OAP NJP ROMb

Shadowalk End of the Innocence ROMs

Shadowalk Vashon Jettsetter ROMb

Phi-Vestavia Inkling ROMg

Shadowalk End of the Innocence ROMs
Toshay's Burnt UmberCoedwig Darby Of Windermere CD NA NAP NAJ
Coedwig Vestavia Luminescence CDX RAE PT OA OAJ OAP OJP ROMg
Coedwig's Perfect Crime
Dcross Bookter Stitch N Time HS
D Cross Bookter Tyler Tyrant
D Cross Mallt

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