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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What a trip! And a souvenir!

So back when I first met Missy and let Minnie (f/n/a Janey) go live with her, part of the agreement was after health tests, and performance titles were done, we would co-breed a litter of pups, with a mutually agreed stud dog.

We searched high and low for a black dog that fit Minnie for things we wanted to improve upon, that was health tested, AND was of a pedigree we could agree on going to.

I must say, that Missy and Glenn have been the premier dog people that could ever be found for a co-ownership!! They never deviated from the contract, kept me in constant contact and updates on anything related to Minnie and her titles, qualifying legs, growth/weight/height, vet visits, heat cycles etc. After having to deal with unfortunate other issues with other co-owners, this was just really too good to be true. So thank you Glenn and Missy for being such outstanding people! I can't thank you enough!

So Minnie was the pick puppy of the Huxley x Zoe litter. I REALLY wanted a show puppy, so Ava stayed here. Minnie went to live with Glenn and Vela (Missy's mom) as she went back to Glenn's old stuff that he used to have.

Jump forward over 2.5 years and here we are on evaluation day. These are NOT the greatest photos but honest pictures of what the pick of the litter was. She WAS the fluff (tested even) and honestly was the puppy I really liked from the beginning, and really hoped for when I saw the 6 week photos.

At this time in my breeding program/life, I told Missy if she became the pick, that I would take her, regardless of her 'fault', as she was the VERY best in the litter and exactly what I was wanting from the breeding. I personally think those who place mismarks and fluffs based solely on those cosmetic concerns are selling their breeding programs of what could potentially be amazing individual dogs, but only my opinion. As much as I love to show, I'm not an idiot when quality is staring me in the face, and can see what they can bring towards bettering the breed. And that is really what is important to me, not a BIS (although it'd be nice along the way! haha

Overall the litter has REALLY pretty heads, great rears and top lines and have amazing round feet and bone. Not OVER done with bone, but nice bone. Naturally not every dog is perfect so I'd like to see more lay back in progeny from these pups moving forward (will have to find dogs with this), and still, more depth of chest, although the top two bitches were really ok, but could always be better. And longer upper arms, but couldn't they almost all?? These pups have the LARGEST EARS EVER! They will all need help standing up, so will need to be taped. The pups are also very sweet pups and giving the chaos all weekend they did really well.

The nice thing about this litter is that the parents were health tested! The pups are DM clear by parentage that was DNA tested, PRA line clear, and pink clear.

Oh yes, the important stuff:

Her call name: Naveen
Her registered name: Spyrock Ebonwald Return To Sender
Her Sire: CH Tailbrite Dark Before Dawn
Her Dam: Ebonwald A Minnesota Blessing CGC RE STDs
Her pedigree:

So you won't see her in the show ring any time soon, but we will be working on other things to keep her occupied, and she'll be living with some dear friends of mine doing Puppy K, socializing and obedience, and I'll get to see her as often as I can! Win:Win for everyone!


Spyrock Cardigans said...

You too have been a dream to work with over the past couple years. I'm so grateful for what has come from that first email and phone call. :)

C-Myste said...

Love the registered name :-)