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Friday, June 15, 2012

Herding instinct = BIG PLUS

I don't seem to update the blog as often as I should, since so many of my thoughts go on my statuses on Facebook.

I have not had a single Cardigan yet to date that hasn't had SOME interest in herding. Whether it be ducks, sheep, cattle or chickens, they seem to have the 'knack' for it from an early age.

After moving the rams today with Sadie, Bolin and Ell, I filled the kiddie pools up with water so that the dogs had several places to cool off in the shade away from the days heat. I went back inside to finish cleaning up the kitchen and heard a racket outside with some Guinea hens which were very displeased. I walked to the window to see Ballantyne and two of the pups, Dago and Dinham calmly walking a group of 9 Guineas around the backyard. At any time the Guineas could have flown away, or the dogs attack the Guineas but I think it was understood by all parties that it was merely 'fun' for the Cardigans.

Once I found them they all came running up to me to beam up at me with their big goofy tongues and faces and roll over to be belly rubbed....pleased with themselves. I've never seen such intent pups, especially ones that were calm enough to just walk slowly behind the birds to get them to move where they wanted them too.

They never cease to amaze me!


Michelle said...

You're killing me! I hope you keep this line going for years, so SOMEday when I have an opening I can get an Ebonwald puppy.

Faith Shen said...

I wish I will read your next post and see your next adventure :D

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