Committed to the improvement of the breed by breeding for health, temperament and better structure in dogs that have the ability to herd.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Champion!

Pending AKC approval (of course!) I would like to introduce to you my 2nd Champion, CH Reine Dior Diving for Gold, aka Mitcham or The Big Hairy Beast!

Mitcham needed 2 single points to finish and did so today by going BOW for two points! YAHOOOO!!

He's entered in Fargo all three days so I did move him up to Best of Breed. Once I get his certificate stating he is a CH, I'm trimming him down to 3/4" so I don't have to groom him for a LONG TIME! I'll start working on his obedience, agility and herding stuff immediately!

Phew! I'm so glad that the grooming is nearly over. did I mention that already? :)

I didn't enter tomorrow as I am working my aunt's greenhouse Sunday/Monday so no more dog show news until NEXT weekend!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Luck and Fun!

Well. I figured this is my 3rd conformation show in the past 10 months. My how time flies!

I entered the "big hairy beast" hoping for a cross over major to finish him. he needs only 2 points!

I entered Ava for training practice for the Fargo shows. there are only 2 bitches so only one point, but its more for practice than anything. She less tube-y than before so who knows. If I' m correct, the other bitch is also a Carbon grand daughter so he won't have much to choose from :0

I also entered Zoe. She's back in coat, good condition, and the judge is the gentleman who gave her her first four point major. I guess its sort of a 'hey look she's finished! thanks!' kind of entry. I'm not expecting to win, as there are four bitch specials (no male specials) so its more or less of a thank you entry.

I entered all three goons again in Fargo to support my Kennel Club and the CWCCA Supported Entry. As it turns out, if Mitcham doesn't finish tomorrow, he has three more chances in Fargo as there are bitch majors all three days! Fingers crossed he finishes in the next two weekends. Then he is GETTING SHAVED!!! :D Then we will do herding and agility!

i really wanted to enter Ell at the Fargo show but she is completely out of coat and still needs to gain some weight back. She's getting the same amount as Mitcham, so she should start to bulk up pretty soon. She is tight coated anyway, so to see her without a stitch of hair on is amazing...its nice to see structure but it makes for a hideous (but loving) dog :P

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Just did a day trip for more raw food. I need a bigger chest freezer...and a tub!

120 pounds of chicken necks
40 pounds of chicken backs
40 pounds of beef kidney
40 pounds of beef liver
40 pounds of femur bones (for the dogs to chew on and me to step on in the middle of the night)
120 pounds ground beef (with organ meat ground in it as well)

So without the bones its 360 pounds of meat. I sometimes also get ground chicken, ground chicken necks/backs and turkey necks, but I like to 'switch it up' a bit.

My entire bill for the 400 pounds of meat/bones was around 230.00. Without gas that was approximately 57 cents a pound. I was paying nearly 2.00/pound for the Evo and my dogs liked Evo, but it wasn't so easy on their tummies! Evp, if I got the same amount in weight would have cost me over 800.00 dollars! Yikes!

yes I do have cottage cheese, veggies, fish, salmon oil, missing link etc that I use as well and that is not added to the cost, but I also don't feed all of those things all the time. And i gave a lot of that in addition to kibble anyway!

Oh and i have farm raised eggs that I collect each morning from my 'girls' and the dogs thank me for giving them something else yummy to eat!

Both my litters have been raised on raw and I have got to tell you the litter box and the pooper scooper outside are cleaned WAY less than when I was raising a single puppy on kibble. All that filler in kibble just isn't good!

I'm disappointed in the Delta Society changing their rule on raw diet. While I understand their concern, I would think that the people have a higher risk of getting pneumonia from the people who work there or visit there, than getting salmonella from dogs that eat raw. I also think that I could get struck by lightning or win the lottery (which by the way is less likely to happen then the lightning hitting me!), but those chances are pretty low. Maybe higher than the salmonella transfer between species.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I believe in miracles!!

For those not following Oliver on Facebook.....


This morning early I got up to bathe and blow dry Oliver. His urinating inside has all but subsided, preferring to wait until he's outside. I was bathing him and held up his rear between his legs, on the belly side. He seemed to have some feeling in his feet and was squeezing my arm with his inner thighs. Interesting I thought. It must be spasms. Or my imagination.

Same story on the grooming table. Weird. I thought.

I brought him to the Acupuncture/Chiropractic vet Dr. Brad in Casselton, ND, about 120 miles each way, but closest certified vet in that area (same place he was for his 3 day DMSO treatment). They asked his progression and I said..well i 'thought' i felt some stuff, but wanted them to try it.

They pinched his webbing in his feet and Oliver squirmed and thrashed wildly! Same for the other foot! The vet got what I call a 'permanent grin' or 'permagrin' at this point and was nearly yelling his findings out of excitement! They then stood him up and UNASSISTED, he stood there for a good thirty seconds before they had him sit again! HE DID IT ON HIS OWN! Dr. Brad was crying and both techs were on the verge of it. I was weeping. I couldn't help it. It was joy and unending love for this dog. They never cease to amaze me. I have only planned for the worst and so anything better than that, is good, but this was WAY ABOVE ANY HOPES! I wept for a good half hour after that, just because I was so overcome with joy, love, amazement and thankfulness. I am truly blessed with an amazing dog and a God who loves me and Oliver.

Dr. Brad said when he called me with Oliver's prognosis after the three day treatment he said he was pretty down. He is usually the pep talk that the owners needed and when he called me I was HIS pep talk. He said that by listening to my determination and love for the dog on the phone that he was able to wrap his thoughts around Oliver possibly getting better. Today made his day. HIS WEEK. It sure made mine!

I realize that this is just a baby step, but a huge one! And I need to take each day at a time. But this is huge. I never dreamed he would stand again. Now the rehab starts. Strecthes, rotations, standing, etc. Dr. Brad truly believes it is now just a slipped disc and that YES it can come back...and at any time, but he thinks with proper rehab and not over doing it when he does regain his ability to run, that he should be fine for a very long time. Let's have our fingers all crossed for that.

But in the mean time, I am prepared if he does plateau and doesn't get to the point of walking again. Or Running, or not 100%. I'm prepared for it and ok with it. So every day that he gets better and improves I'm thankful and blessed.

Dr. Brad also said that because its only been 16 days since he went down and he is already so amazed at his improvement, that things look REALLY good. He said typically dogs that have these conditions that look like IVDD, they take 2-3 months to start to regenerate nerves and such. he also doesn't think he'll be a spine walker as he has deep pain, and have sensations in his legs and feet.

Gosh this is so mumbled/jumbled I don't know if I've covered everything!

OH! He told me to hold off on a cart for four see if Oliver doesn't need it. he doesn't think he will.

PRAISE GOD, JESUS and thank YOU for all your thoughts and prayers. They sure helped the Big O and me get through this stressful two weeks. We are very loved. And we are very blessed. Dr. Brad said between Oliver and my extremely positive attitudes, we should be FINE :)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DM result for Daisy

Daisy is N/N normal (clear) for Degenerative Myelopathy! One less thing to worry about when choosing her potential studs. All I have left to do is send in her DNA test result for PRA (she was clear/normal also) and she will be a CHIC dog. All I have left to test for is Patellas, which I don't foresee an issue with.

Oliver's DM test results should be back within the week.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Oliver update: Its been 14 days since he went down in the back. I thought our Acupuncture appt was LAST wednesday (like the vet wanted) but the appt making lady decided I apparently didn't NEED to come in last week. UGH. So THIS wednesday we are going up to have him checked out. Ell is also going for a routine quarterly check up. The chiropractic vet is the 'corgi curse' or so they've told me. He said he's NEVER seen a corgi come in that didn't need adjustments (even if they were just in for shots or checkups). I'd like to have the other dogs go but the first visit they do xrays of the spine in several films and they have a 'new pet exam' and fee amongst many other things...totally around 300-400 per EACH DOG for their first visit. I'm sorry I just can't do that.

Anyway. Oliver has a sling now thanks to Auntie Sarah. He also still loves to do the 'wheelbarrow races' across the yard to Grandma's house. He loves to sit on the couch with her and let her scratch him and pet him all over. He's kinda spoiled. And very sassy yet. If you dare to quit petting him, he sure lets you know that that is NOT acceptable and he moans and groans and woofs and squirms about. Silly boy.

Zoe is in full blown heat. She had her hussy butt up against the fence for Mitcham to sniff. He sniffs and walks away. WHAT A GOOD BOY! Needless to say they are now on opposite sides of the house (one on the east side dog pen, the other in the front yard. Lucky for me Mitcham doesn't wine and stop eating like Justice did. And Oliver can't hump anything with his rear out of commission so he's of no help for heat detection any longer either!

I figured Daisy was due to come in to season so today when I finally got around to taking her in to the vet for a weight, she weighed 32.7 pounds. I asked the vet to swab and culture her. Um she's also in full blown heat. About two days away from ideal breeding time, but she is already flagging and standing for my vet to take the sample. She's not even hardly swollen. Zoe looks like a bee stung her back there....a really BIG bee!

The four remaining pups got their 2nd DHPP shot today. Bella leaves tomorrow for Pittsburgh! That leaves me with the trio of terror. Actually they are all very sweet, smart, and mellow puppies. I'm really tickled with them!

Sadie and I missed our chance at an Agility trial in Fargo this weekend. The closing date happened on the 5th of this month, while I was still dealing with the initial shot and emotion of Oliver going down, I obviously didn't have that on my mind and missed the entry. Oh rush I guess with that!

Ell is 'over' the puppies, but she does play with them a lot. I'm trying to save what little hair she has left and trying to put her 2 pounds of weight back on so she's back at 28 pounds. I wanted to show her in Fargo, but there is just no way she is even competitive at this 'post puppy' stage.

Ava is getting lots of leash and table time in preparation for the Fargo show. I hope I don't trip over her or have to drag her across the ring. And I hope those huge ears stay up when the judge asks for ears instead of the 'why the HELL are you making me do this?!!" look she gave me tonight. 'le sigh'

Friday, May 14, 2010

Yep, you were right.

Boy I'm so glad I have such great friends and mentors in this breed. I know nothing! :) They told me I'd have second guesses at this age.

The pups are 10 weeks old. I should probably let you know what's going on with them >:)

Bannick, the brown brindle male, is now Brodie and is living in Connecticut! His new family even went 'raw' with his diet and I promise to post some of the awesome photos they sent me! His family is an awesome couple! I've been so lucky placing my puppies with such great people!

Booth, the tan pionted male with the narrow blaze was chosen by Connie Whan, to be a show pup and he is living with Cindy Ferguson. I guess if Connie, who's been in the breed 30+ years should know a good puppy right? :) It was really an honor for Connie to come to ME of all people and ask for a puppy! I know Cindy is going to make a great home for him and Connie is her mentor so I look forward to great things with that boy!

Bolin, the red female is still here with me, but she is going to go live out west for awhile. NOT permanently :D More on that later when its appropriate.

Brewer the tan pointed black male is my boy and he's staying here to see how he grows on. I'm nervous and excited about this boy (nervous because I really want a nice tan pointed male...its my favorite color/pattern) and his pedigree is pretty awesome :P

Brenner, the sable boy is going to a 'pet' home. I use the term loosely. Carrie and I are wanting to show him, but her husband is not wanting an intact male in their home. Despite the 100's of reassurances that he'll be fine and isn't a lab (their other breed), I don't know what else to say to him. Any suggestions? They only live 30 minutes from me so I'm tickled that he'll be so close. Brenner is the dramatic one, and the most snuggly, just what she wanted :)

Ballantyne the black/white brindle pointed bitch had a possible show home, but I haven't heard back on that, so she's going to grow on with me. Her personality is the one that sticks out from the rest, and her face is pretty much just there to make me melt and say 'yes, how many treats do you want?' Her big brown eyes and her bright brindle patches just stick out at me. And she reminds me most of her mother.

Bella the red brindle girl has had a lovely inquiry which I hope works out for her and that family. Such great people and I can't wait to see what transpires from this. Bella is the most laid back and sweetest puppy in the litter. They won't be disappointed!

At 8 weeks the puppies were evaluated at the National (shame on me I know) by many long time and well respected breeders. While I knew deep down who I wanted to run on, I had some great advice and input from the breeders and my mentors.

Now at 10 weeks, the pups look totally different and they are MOVING instead of hopping to and fro. Brenner, the sable boy really moves well and I can't get that image out of my head. ALL.DAY.LONG. I haven't seen a dog move like that here at my place and he was stunning. Will he keep it? Hard to say. This is all learning for me and I'm just honored to have the opportunity to watch them grow. Brenner and Ballantyne have such nice, clean movement, easy coming and going, that they make me stop what I'm doing to watch them. They are the only ones i've watched so far, but if they are already sticking out, that must be a good sign.

I think in the future I'll do the 'obvious' pets at 8 weeks, grow the others on until 10-12 weeks and then make my final decisions then. I'm having a hard time deciding and those close to me have told me that with such a uniform litter, that it would be. I'm being knit picky. Such problems I know :)

Back to work tomorrow! Its finally stopped raining long enough to get some work done!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dog Weights and tick/flea control

Since the only scale i have on the farm is a gigantic cattle scale (that does pounds in 25 pound increments) I loaded up the motley crew for weights and headed to my second home, the vet clinic! I wanted to know weights mostly for tick/flea control Frontline products...

Here are the weights:

Mitcham, 22 months - 59.1 pounds. Gosh he is ALL hair!

Oliver, nearly 5 years - 35.5 pounds. He is extremely lean and fit. Not overweight and heavy like another blogger is saying is why his back went out (and that its my fault nonetheless!)

Sadie, 5.5 years - 30.5. She is about a pound and a half too big yet, so we'll stick with her diet

Zoe, 3 years old - 34.4 pounds. Barb P and i were always nervous she'd never be big I think she still has some 'baby weight on' and I'd like to see her back at 32, so she'll join Sadie on that diet'

Ell, 2.5 years old - 25.7 pounds. She needs to gain back about another 1-1.5 pounds to be back at pre breeding weight. She put a lot of herself into nursing those pups!

Ava, just over 5 months - 20.3 pounds!!!! She looked like 14 pounds, but she's already 20 pounds. She'll be bigger than her mother then, as Zoe was 18-22 pounds not until she was 12-18 months old! Ava is a tube right now...long and lean. Could be her high metabolizm and her raw diet.

I forgot Daisy at home (no seriously) so she'll go back in this afternoon and I'll have a current weight on her. She was about 30 pounds last time she went in.

Aside from having Guinea Hens for tick control, what does everyone recommend for tick/flea control? I was going to use Frontline but gosh that gets so expensive.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Its official!

Qwaynt's Midnightforest Sadie RN NAJ - DN08798402

Rally - Awards Processed Through 25-APR-2010

Number Different Judges 3
Number Qualifying Scores 3

Such a Happy dog

Taken yesterday. He is SUCH a happy camper, even without his rear working. His heart is full of love, unconditionally to me, and for that I will try my hardest for him. I love the big goofy O.

Not much improvement on the movement side, but he waits for me to pick up his rear legs and then he starts to run with his front legs! I have to keep up with him and I'm glad I have a sling coming (thanks Sarah!) so I don't have to bend over so much :) Both of our spirits are up.

Its just a lot with 5 puppies left that I have to carry out to potty AND Oliver. Its not a lot more work, just more in my mind mentally to go over.

Its worth it :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Newest Hopefuls

Well after much discussion and soul searching these are the two kids who are staying here with me. Third time is the charm for a tan pointed male right?? :)

This is Brewer
I had several people at the National try to steal, beg, borrow or plead with me that they must have that red girl! While I'm tickled that they liked her so well, I think she'll be staying here :)

I was really pleased by the comments of the dozen or so folks who went over the puppies with me. I really appreciate all of your comments, both positive and negative, and with such a great group of pups, made the decisions even that much harder.

I'll write more about the National and pups later, but wanted to let you all know what was going on with the puppies :0

Puppies available

The above brindle bitch is available to a pet home.

The above black and white brindle pointed bitch is available to a show home.

O's update

Well I'm not sure if these are 'improvements' or if these were always there but we'll see.

Oliver last night spent some time on the couch with me while we watched a movie. He was very happy to be scratched and pet and would do his 'ha-rumph' noise when I quit petting him. That seemed pretty normal. His appetite and thirst are still the same as before he went down so there is no worries there :)

Oliver spent the night on the bed with his girls Sadie, Ell and Zoe. Much face licking, ear washing ensued between Zoe, Ell and Oliver......another nightly ritual before they crash. Big O doesn't appear to be depressed at all and seems most normal to me in that regard. Through out the night, I would wake often (I'm a light sleeper) and see that he could manage to spin around on the bed on his rear and either lay flat on his side (which he rarely did before his back went out) or he'd stretch way out with his legs behind him in the frog position.

While I did try to put a pee pad down and a few towels, Ell and Zoe seemed to appreciate them as their personal pads to get more comfy on, so that idea went out the window. Oliver never soiled the comforter and when it was time to get up this morning, he simply waited for me to lift him up and carry him through the house to the back yard. I then just picked up his legs and he walked around the smaller pen on his front legs and me holding up his back end. He didn't once look back at me and carried on his business by pooping and peeing freely on his own will and then stopping for a bit of grass. His tail did arch for when he pooped and I'm not sure if that is good, or if that is associated with the anal tension he retained? This is all new to me....

Granted it WAS pouring rain, and a mere 38 degrees.......and I was only in my boxers (hey I can do that when I live way out in the sticks!). Needless to say my back was extremely wet and cold by the time I decided to take him back inside.

So improvements? I think they are all small steps. He seems much more relaxed at home now and I think its because I'm not an emotional basket case :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oliver is home

Well there wasn't much improvement over the last 24 hours. Dr. Brad said that he still retained some anal tension which was a good sign and said that Oliver's bladder will most likely get the sensation back that he has to pee. He whimpered close to home and so I thought he would go, but I tried expressing the bladder but wasn't really shown how. they said he was a marvelous 'peeing for distance' dog when they just lightly rubbed his belly. Time will tell.

We have a series of things to do while we are home:
1. ICE! Ice his back for 5-10 minutes every 2-3 hours.
2. Traction. This entails the grooming table and arm or a second person. They hold the neck and front and I stand his hind legs to a 'standing position' and pull slightly on the pelvis area to stretch him out a bit. Nothing drastic.
3. Crate/X-pen rest. Mandatory. They did say he could be on the couch with me or on the bed but not to leave him unattended. Also to be prepared if he does soil himself, me or the couch.
4. Take him to familiar places. I.e. back yard, Grandma's/Grandpa's house, etc and sit with him in a quiet area. This has more to do with keeping depression at bay, instead of doing potty as he isn't to that stage yet.
5. pinching toes to see if there is any reaction. This can be done daily.

We have an acupuncture appointment next week. Doc said the next few weeks of crate rest and nurse care are very critical. I've done it with Sadie, I can do it with Oliver. If in a few weeks/months we are seeing some progress we'll be adding other exercises and techniques to the daily regimen.

Paws and Fingers crossed....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Zoe and Ava's vacation

A few days before I left for the Nationals, Jen Frisby emailed me asking if they could watch Zoe and or Ava. I thought it would be a great opportunity for Ava to get out a bit and give Zoe some time away from the farm. Plus it would benefit my dad who wouldn't have to watch so many dogs!

Here are a few photos from their stay with the Frisby family. The Frisby's incidentally have Myrtle, who is Zoe's litter sister and Edward, who is Sadie's litter brother.

Below is Zoe giving the famous face licks. This pedigree is known very well for their face licking abilities!
Below is Zoe and the Cardi crew getting some sun. Myrtle is resting her head on Edward.

Minutes before my mom picked up Ava and Zoe, Elllie and Ava decided to have one last snuggle session.
Ellie has all the dogs attention.
One of my favorite pics! You can sure see family resemblance huh? Ava in the middle with Zoe on the right and her Auntie Myrtle on the left with Edward behind them.
Such a stressful life to be a dog at the Frisby house!

Oliver - Wednesday Morning update

I got a call from Dr Brad at the clinic. He said the muscles around the lumbar vertebrae are still extremely tight but they are working on it. He said they also saw some slight central recognition of pain in the right rear leg. I"ll take it.

He also said the prognosis still isn't wonderful and they'll know more tomorrow.

On top of it all he has a UTI. That's like insult to injury.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sadie's big week

The above photo is from day 1!

I was going to post this while at the National, but I didn't get to a computer for 12 days (a new record I know!) and then this all happened with Oliver.

I'll be writing about my week at the nationals, but wanted to share the good news!

On the Monday of the National, we were entered in Novice Preferred Jumpers With Weaves and also Novice Preferred Standard. Sadie made a clean run with 100 points (out of 100) and earned a 1st place ribbon and her first Q (Qualifiying leg) for her NJP title. Her 1st place was later lost due to a recalculation. she ended up getting 2nd place by a mere .06 of a second! D'oh! The second day she Q'ed again with another 100 points (perfect score) and this time earned her 1st place with many more entries in the same division! She made me so proud! She now has two legs for her NJP in two tries!

Unfortunately she didn't Q either day in the Novice Preferred Standard. She decided on day one that the table was a 'command free zone' and refused to SIT on the table for me! The rest of the run was beautiful and the judge even commented on it later how great my handling skills were and she agreed that Sadie KNEW what to do, she just knew she could get away with it. What a stinker.

day 2 she leaped off the teeter to the side and then ran to the table for a 'down' . She basically stuck her tongue out and had the command free zone mentality again. *sigh*. I guess we know what to work on for the next trial!

The biggest news was that Sadie, the Princess, earned her THIRD qualifying leg for her Rally Novice title! Last year we entered her in Rally Novice B and she Q'ed both days with no formal training (ever) and never having been in the ring for Rally. We didn't practice all year again (my fault) and we then went in and got our third leg on our third try! The sits were NOT pretty as she likes to heel perpendicular to my body, but we did pass with an 87 (out of 100). She didn't go on Tuesday as I wanted to concentrate on her agility.

Plus I wanted the huge CWCCA New Title rosette and that is why I waited so long to get that title :)

So Sadie, pending AKC, now has her NAJ, CGC and her RN titles! I can't wait to see what's next for the Princess!

Big O update

Thank you everyone for your private and public responses to the last blog post. Oliver (and me) are very loved :)

Update: The chiropractic/acupuncture vet did indeed confirm a COMPRESSED disc and is working diligently to correct that. Unfortunately because there was NO milogram (or MRI) we won't know for sure if it is indeed ruptured or not. After talking to Denise Waiting...who is in charge of surgery at the U of WA in Pullman (also home to WADDL), it sounded that if he WOULD get sensation and feeling back, it would be most likely just compressed (and the better of the two) and if he didn't, it would be most likely ruptured. And since she is not a vet, she cannot diagnose, and Dr Brad at Casselton, does not have the equipment to do either test, so we can only speculate.

It most certainly is IVDD, and although that is most likely the cause, I have sent out for a DM test for him. I was always going to do it, but thought I had more time.

I called the clinic and Oliver is very alert, but resting well in a crate. They will keep him three days to do acupuncture and chiropractic work on him, as well as an IV drip of the DMSO treatment, which acts like a steroid, but isn't. Tomorrow morning Dr. Brad may use a local steroid on the lumbar disc that is compressed.

Fingers crossed it isn't ruptured.

A very slight glimmer of hope is I felt Oliver press both his hind legs against my arm as I carried him down the steps (only a few seconds) but that is better than no pressure.

Oliver is in good hands and I think I can finally rest tonight :)

Hugs to all

Oliver's story


I got a call Monday morning that Oliver went down in the back and couldn't get out of his crate.

I was in Greencastle, Indiana. Over the course of the day it took me 15 hours to get home with a few stops for gas (one I had run out due to my frantic nature of worrying about Oliver), two times I went the wrong way on interstate when getting back on it...and didn't realize it until 10-20 miles down the roads. Ahem.

I picked up the "Big Hairy Beast" also known as Mitcham in Des Moines and I honestly can tell you I cried from Greencastle all the way to the Minnesota border.

So what happened?

Sunday morning O jumped off of the couch at my parents' house. He yelped and held up his front leg like it was hurt and then he acted normal, chasing the ball, going for a walk with the grandparents etc. Again that night when he jumped off of the couch he yelped and held his front foot up, but then quickly forgot about it. They put him in his crate around 9:30 pm. At 5;30 am, my dad went to let him out and O couldn't get out of his crate. he couldn't use his back legs.

I'm not sure what all happened but I do know they called me at 8:30 to tell me they were taking him to the vet. My vet took one look at him and referred him to the U of M. He at that point still had deep pain (which is a good sign for recovery) and had the anal tension. They xrayed him and his bladder was empty and there was no stool in his intestine close up.

My mom got the ok to take the day off of work and took Oliver down to the U of M in St Paul which is 3 hours away. They immediately rushed him off to be viewed and this is the jist of what was said.

* Oliver was extremely healthy in the front end. No fever, good heart rate, blood work looked normal

* Oliver turns out on one leg and the vet said that that seems to have a lot to do with the breed's spine ( i also thought that curved or bent tails had a lot to do with spines)

* They searched for the deep pain and that was gone. It could have happened 5 minutes before she got to the U, or 5 minutes after she left our local vet's office. His chances of walking again WITH deep pain was 90% after surgery. After the deep pain was gone, it was less than 50%.

* Surgery was $4,500.00 minimum. She didn't give any other options.

* I had been sent to the U to do a MRI on him. The surgeon told my mom that the only way they do an MRI is if I would allow them to go right to surgery. they wouldn't do it if I didn't elect to do the surgery. She couldn't diagnose him officially without an MRI. She said that it could have been a stroke, but most likely, due to the brisk pace of things happening, it was a ruptured disc, as this breed is known for a lot of those.

I had told my mother and myself that I couldn't do a cart dog, and that I couldn't afford to do the surgery. I just don't have the funds and don't have a credit card. I sobbed most of the way home because Oliver is just as much my heart dog as is Sadie.

When I got home last night my mom and dad were at my house with the Big O in the kitchen on some towels. He was so excited to see me and Sadie. He tried going to her and just couldn't. My heart melted. We got the bed situated and had Oliver, Sadie and Zoe on the bed. Everyone was reunited and licking faces and such.

I didn't sleep well. Oliver kept trying to situate himself and he was unsuccessful by himself. He still barked at me, although it wasn't as loud or forceful as his previous bark. He still grumbled to me when I quit scratching his belly. He still smiles at me. I still cry when I look at him.

I assumed I would have him put down as his quality of life has severely changed. I also assumed I would cry like I"m doing right now.

But now that I see him, I wonder if by NOT doing the surgery, that I let him down, that I gave up on him. I saved Sadie and did all I could with no guarantee of her success. And yet I didn't save Oliver. They said there was a 24-36 hour time frame to do the surgery before permanent damage would set in. It has now been 24 hours.

do I have other options? chiropractic options? anything?

Am I being selfish?

Am I giving up too soon?