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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sadie's big week

The above photo is from day 1!

I was going to post this while at the National, but I didn't get to a computer for 12 days (a new record I know!) and then this all happened with Oliver.

I'll be writing about my week at the nationals, but wanted to share the good news!

On the Monday of the National, we were entered in Novice Preferred Jumpers With Weaves and also Novice Preferred Standard. Sadie made a clean run with 100 points (out of 100) and earned a 1st place ribbon and her first Q (Qualifiying leg) for her NJP title. Her 1st place was later lost due to a recalculation. she ended up getting 2nd place by a mere .06 of a second! D'oh! The second day she Q'ed again with another 100 points (perfect score) and this time earned her 1st place with many more entries in the same division! She made me so proud! She now has two legs for her NJP in two tries!

Unfortunately she didn't Q either day in the Novice Preferred Standard. She decided on day one that the table was a 'command free zone' and refused to SIT on the table for me! The rest of the run was beautiful and the judge even commented on it later how great my handling skills were and she agreed that Sadie KNEW what to do, she just knew she could get away with it. What a stinker.

day 2 she leaped off the teeter to the side and then ran to the table for a 'down' . She basically stuck her tongue out and had the command free zone mentality again. *sigh*. I guess we know what to work on for the next trial!

The biggest news was that Sadie, the Princess, earned her THIRD qualifying leg for her Rally Novice title! Last year we entered her in Rally Novice B and she Q'ed both days with no formal training (ever) and never having been in the ring for Rally. We didn't practice all year again (my fault) and we then went in and got our third leg on our third try! The sits were NOT pretty as she likes to heel perpendicular to my body, but we did pass with an 87 (out of 100). She didn't go on Tuesday as I wanted to concentrate on her agility.

Plus I wanted the huge CWCCA New Title rosette and that is why I waited so long to get that title :)

So Sadie, pending AKC, now has her NAJ, CGC and her RN titles! I can't wait to see what's next for the Princess!


Michelle said...

You've got to be the proudest papa on the planet!

Janet said...

Congratulations!! Love those big specialty ribbons!!

Spence sez he will train her in the "stop, flop and roll" whenever she is ready.

Taryn said...

Congrats on your Nat'l successes! I feel your pain on the table! My boy Jimmy NQ'd us both days when he got to the table, for the same reason as Sadie. I called it the "you can't make me, nanner, nanner, nanner" move. I could ring his little neck!

This and That at Qwaynt Cardigans said...

Congratulations . nice for Sadie

Rayna said...

Ooo pretty sparkleys for pretty princess! :)

Sherilyn said...

Congrats!! She's definitely a special girl!! :) Hugs to all!