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Monday, May 17, 2010


Oliver update: Its been 14 days since he went down in the back. I thought our Acupuncture appt was LAST wednesday (like the vet wanted) but the appt making lady decided I apparently didn't NEED to come in last week. UGH. So THIS wednesday we are going up to have him checked out. Ell is also going for a routine quarterly check up. The chiropractic vet is the 'corgi curse' or so they've told me. He said he's NEVER seen a corgi come in that didn't need adjustments (even if they were just in for shots or checkups). I'd like to have the other dogs go but the first visit they do xrays of the spine in several films and they have a 'new pet exam' and fee amongst many other things...totally around 300-400 per EACH DOG for their first visit. I'm sorry I just can't do that.

Anyway. Oliver has a sling now thanks to Auntie Sarah. He also still loves to do the 'wheelbarrow races' across the yard to Grandma's house. He loves to sit on the couch with her and let her scratch him and pet him all over. He's kinda spoiled. And very sassy yet. If you dare to quit petting him, he sure lets you know that that is NOT acceptable and he moans and groans and woofs and squirms about. Silly boy.

Zoe is in full blown heat. She had her hussy butt up against the fence for Mitcham to sniff. He sniffs and walks away. WHAT A GOOD BOY! Needless to say they are now on opposite sides of the house (one on the east side dog pen, the other in the front yard. Lucky for me Mitcham doesn't wine and stop eating like Justice did. And Oliver can't hump anything with his rear out of commission so he's of no help for heat detection any longer either!

I figured Daisy was due to come in to season so today when I finally got around to taking her in to the vet for a weight, she weighed 32.7 pounds. I asked the vet to swab and culture her. Um she's also in full blown heat. About two days away from ideal breeding time, but she is already flagging and standing for my vet to take the sample. She's not even hardly swollen. Zoe looks like a bee stung her back there....a really BIG bee!

The four remaining pups got their 2nd DHPP shot today. Bella leaves tomorrow for Pittsburgh! That leaves me with the trio of terror. Actually they are all very sweet, smart, and mellow puppies. I'm really tickled with them!

Sadie and I missed our chance at an Agility trial in Fargo this weekend. The closing date happened on the 5th of this month, while I was still dealing with the initial shot and emotion of Oliver going down, I obviously didn't have that on my mind and missed the entry. Oh rush I guess with that!

Ell is 'over' the puppies, but she does play with them a lot. I'm trying to save what little hair she has left and trying to put her 2 pounds of weight back on so she's back at 28 pounds. I wanted to show her in Fargo, but there is just no way she is even competitive at this 'post puppy' stage.

Ava is getting lots of leash and table time in preparation for the Fargo show. I hope I don't trip over her or have to drag her across the ring. And I hope those huge ears stay up when the judge asks for ears instead of the 'why the HELL are you making me do this?!!" look she gave me tonight. 'le sigh'

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