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Friday, May 28, 2010

Luck and Fun!

Well. I figured this is my 3rd conformation show in the past 10 months. My how time flies!

I entered the "big hairy beast" hoping for a cross over major to finish him. he needs only 2 points!

I entered Ava for training practice for the Fargo shows. there are only 2 bitches so only one point, but its more for practice than anything. She less tube-y than before so who knows. If I' m correct, the other bitch is also a Carbon grand daughter so he won't have much to choose from :0

I also entered Zoe. She's back in coat, good condition, and the judge is the gentleman who gave her her first four point major. I guess its sort of a 'hey look she's finished! thanks!' kind of entry. I'm not expecting to win, as there are four bitch specials (no male specials) so its more or less of a thank you entry.

I entered all three goons again in Fargo to support my Kennel Club and the CWCCA Supported Entry. As it turns out, if Mitcham doesn't finish tomorrow, he has three more chances in Fargo as there are bitch majors all three days! Fingers crossed he finishes in the next two weekends. Then he is GETTING SHAVED!!! :D Then we will do herding and agility!

i really wanted to enter Ell at the Fargo show but she is completely out of coat and still needs to gain some weight back. She's getting the same amount as Mitcham, so she should start to bulk up pretty soon. She is tight coated anyway, so to see her without a stitch of hair on is amazing...its nice to see structure but it makes for a hideous (but loving) dog :P


Michelle said...

Go, Mitcham, go!

C-Myste said...

Yep, crossing my fingers for Mitcham. You both want him to get shaved ;-)