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Friday, May 14, 2010

Yep, you were right.

Boy I'm so glad I have such great friends and mentors in this breed. I know nothing! :) They told me I'd have second guesses at this age.

The pups are 10 weeks old. I should probably let you know what's going on with them >:)

Bannick, the brown brindle male, is now Brodie and is living in Connecticut! His new family even went 'raw' with his diet and I promise to post some of the awesome photos they sent me! His family is an awesome couple! I've been so lucky placing my puppies with such great people!

Booth, the tan pionted male with the narrow blaze was chosen by Connie Whan, to be a show pup and he is living with Cindy Ferguson. I guess if Connie, who's been in the breed 30+ years should know a good puppy right? :) It was really an honor for Connie to come to ME of all people and ask for a puppy! I know Cindy is going to make a great home for him and Connie is her mentor so I look forward to great things with that boy!

Bolin, the red female is still here with me, but she is going to go live out west for awhile. NOT permanently :D More on that later when its appropriate.

Brewer the tan pointed black male is my boy and he's staying here to see how he grows on. I'm nervous and excited about this boy (nervous because I really want a nice tan pointed male...its my favorite color/pattern) and his pedigree is pretty awesome :P

Brenner, the sable boy is going to a 'pet' home. I use the term loosely. Carrie and I are wanting to show him, but her husband is not wanting an intact male in their home. Despite the 100's of reassurances that he'll be fine and isn't a lab (their other breed), I don't know what else to say to him. Any suggestions? They only live 30 minutes from me so I'm tickled that he'll be so close. Brenner is the dramatic one, and the most snuggly, just what she wanted :)

Ballantyne the black/white brindle pointed bitch had a possible show home, but I haven't heard back on that, so she's going to grow on with me. Her personality is the one that sticks out from the rest, and her face is pretty much just there to make me melt and say 'yes, how many treats do you want?' Her big brown eyes and her bright brindle patches just stick out at me. And she reminds me most of her mother.

Bella the red brindle girl has had a lovely inquiry which I hope works out for her and that family. Such great people and I can't wait to see what transpires from this. Bella is the most laid back and sweetest puppy in the litter. They won't be disappointed!

At 8 weeks the puppies were evaluated at the National (shame on me I know) by many long time and well respected breeders. While I knew deep down who I wanted to run on, I had some great advice and input from the breeders and my mentors.

Now at 10 weeks, the pups look totally different and they are MOVING instead of hopping to and fro. Brenner, the sable boy really moves well and I can't get that image out of my head. ALL.DAY.LONG. I haven't seen a dog move like that here at my place and he was stunning. Will he keep it? Hard to say. This is all learning for me and I'm just honored to have the opportunity to watch them grow. Brenner and Ballantyne have such nice, clean movement, easy coming and going, that they make me stop what I'm doing to watch them. They are the only ones i've watched so far, but if they are already sticking out, that must be a good sign.

I think in the future I'll do the 'obvious' pets at 8 weeks, grow the others on until 10-12 weeks and then make my final decisions then. I'm having a hard time deciding and those close to me have told me that with such a uniform litter, that it would be. I'm being knit picky. Such problems I know :)

Back to work tomorrow! Its finally stopped raining long enough to get some work done!


C-Myste said...

I'm pretty excited to "see" how the puppies grow up, too :-) said...

Garrett, I don't know if this helps for Brenner's new family or not, but you can tell them that we've got an intact male at our house, and he's great, even with my two year old and five year old (and my two year old tries to ride him when I'm not looking!) Muggle is definitely an adult now, and I keep an eye on him because he is intact, but we've had almost no problems with him. He's wonderful!