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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

a few new brags

Ebonwald dogs have been doing well the past few months.

Campbell earned her Champion title in October at the Sioux Falls dog show.

Archer earned his champion title in St Paul in January.

Duncan Miles (litter brother to Campbell) has earned FOUR agility titles. NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ (in consecutive trials, all with first places!)

Denley has earned two points towards her CH title, and her litter sister Daphne has also earned 2 points towards her CH title. Denley has only been shown 5 weekends and has earned a RWD to the 4 point major one day in St Paul.

Ellie (Brewer x Ava) has earned her first point out for her CH title as well.

If I have missed any Ebonwald babies with their accomplishments, please do notify me! I'd love to hear how they are doing!

Maybe even a 'meet and greet' sometime in 2014? wouldn't THAT be fun!