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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Candid Photos from the St Cloud show

I love when I get to see ringside photos of my dogs. I never get to see that side of them so its really great when I get to see them. I will let you know who everyone is as well. There are some great photos here....

The blue girl below is Ch Ebonwald's A Blessed Pirate Queen. She is nearly complete with her GrCH having 5 majors and having beaten other Champions for every one of them. Ava is my first bred-by champion and will be my first Gr Ch as well.

Those blue eyes always have a different 'look' to them than the brown eyes, but they are so stunning.
Two photos of Bolin, "Ebonwald Brace For Impact at Toshay", in very limited showing has 2 singles and a 3 point major. She's been slower to mature but that is ok. Just happy to watch them grow up and not fall apart.

Bolin in for Winner's Bitch on Sunday. (she won!)
My friend Mary showing Ballantyne as a special on Saturday. her first weekend as a special and she gets 2 GrCh majors by going select and then BOS. She is also really fun to show and although modest in size (26 pounds) she is being found in the all breed ring. Her movement is amazing and if I could change anything it would be a bit more bone and a lower tail set (but I'm being picky!)

This is my little Campbell, "Ebonwald Merrymoon Collateral Damage". As you can see her side gate is amazing. The entire litter moves like this. Her long upper arm and shoulder layback are fantastic. For anyone needing to see proper movement, have a look see here :)
Such a typey little bitch. I LOVE her ;)
I always look so serious.
A table shot of Bolin. beautiful head, length of neck, sweep (neck flows in to the back), dead level topline. If you want to see proper topline, sweep, neck this is it!
More photos of Campbell. She's slowing down here to stand, but still has more reach and drive than many.  She's also super fun to show with that typical Cardi Girl attitude :)
Below is the Cass Man "Ebonwald Merrymoon Call One's Bluff. He has both his majors already and is such a good boy in the ring. He's a lot like his sister in so many ways. I'm eager to see how he grows up.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quick roadtrip

I drove just about 9 hours Friday to SE Wisconsin so Cleary could go to her new home! She will be living on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee and be an urban girl with an Old English Sheepdog brother. Many huge thanks to Jeanie for finding Cleary and for being HER person. When I saw how you two interacted I knew that you were the perfect fit for her :)

Cole went to Ohio and is close to another Great Lake (Erie) and has a Pembroke sister. He is already winning over the hearts of those that he lives with :) I couldn't have found a better home for one of my dogs with Leslie! Thank you so much for making Cole a part of your family!

I always have such awesome feelings when my dogs go to their new homes. Its never easier. the more that I place, because I still cried a lot on my drive home yesterday...., but when the right family/home comes along I just 'know'.

I hadn't planned on it but Ell is off on a romantic getaway. I was going to wait until her next heat cycle and have pups in the summer, but may have an additional job by then and would rather have the pups now while I am home in the winter months than when I could be much busier.

Unless I send her to Denise and her whelp the litter :) She's good at that! BAHAHAHA

Monday, December 12, 2011

St Cloud weekend

This past weekend was the first show that I entered Margot my black natural eared Briard bitch in. While she was super excited to be at the show and in the ring we didn't win anything except training experience,which I wanted. She needs to calm down a bit in the ring to move well by herself, but when we were in for Winner's Bitch, and she had someone else to follow, we moved much better. My friends and long time Briard breeders went over her and really loved her, everything about her so that was really wonderful to hear as well. I was also glad to know that Margot's size is totally ok and that Mitcham is just a big guy :)

Saturday I entered FIVE Cardigans (yes you read that right, I am crazy). I was able to go BOS with Ava for her 4th GrCH major on her fourth day as a special and Ballantyne her first day out as a special was Select for her first GrCh major. The classes didn't go nearly as well for me but I can't win everyday :)

Sunday again 5 Cardigans and I was a bit more prepared. This time Ballantyne was BOS for her 2nd GrCH major and Ava was Select for her 5th GrCH major. Bolin (Ebonwald Brace For Impact at Toshay) was Winners bitch for her first 3 pt major! She has only been to one all breed show since she came to visit so in very limited showing I am quite pleased with her. I didn't think she was ready yet but a few weeks ago I got her out and really went over her. While she isn't a perfect bitch I think she has a lot of merit and was pleased to see her do well. special thanks to Mary and Tanya, Tylor and Shelley, Lacy and Suzi for all of your ringside and grooming and photography support ;)

Ava now has 19 GrCH points in 5 shows with 5 majors.
Ballantyne now has 7 GrCH points win 2 shows with 2 majors.
Bolin now has 5 points towards her CH title with one major.

Shows always go so fast and no matter how much time I get to chat with dog friends it never seems like enough!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cole and Cleary Photo Shoot

I've had a few inquiries over the months for these two pups, but never anything solid. If it was, it fell through. So Tylor took the pups for a photo shoot to the Living Room. Their first photo they weren't too sure they wanted a photo shoot.

Kinda bored.......
Kinda tired.
Kinda Happy. Maybe they are getting the hang of this...
Nope. maybe not...

Cole and Cleary are looking for their forever homes. Puppy K graduates, house trained, leash trained, crate trained. They are up to date on shots, de wormed, well socialized with kids, cats and other dogs. Please inquire if you know of someone looking for a new family member!