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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quick roadtrip

I drove just about 9 hours Friday to SE Wisconsin so Cleary could go to her new home! She will be living on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee and be an urban girl with an Old English Sheepdog brother. Many huge thanks to Jeanie for finding Cleary and for being HER person. When I saw how you two interacted I knew that you were the perfect fit for her :)

Cole went to Ohio and is close to another Great Lake (Erie) and has a Pembroke sister. He is already winning over the hearts of those that he lives with :) I couldn't have found a better home for one of my dogs with Leslie! Thank you so much for making Cole a part of your family!

I always have such awesome feelings when my dogs go to their new homes. Its never easier. the more that I place, because I still cried a lot on my drive home yesterday...., but when the right family/home comes along I just 'know'.

I hadn't planned on it but Ell is off on a romantic getaway. I was going to wait until her next heat cycle and have pups in the summer, but may have an additional job by then and would rather have the pups now while I am home in the winter months than when I could be much busier.

Unless I send her to Denise and her whelp the litter :) She's good at that! BAHAHAHA

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Michelle said...

Congrats on finding Cleary's and Cole's forever homes! I think I have found a forever home for my ex-dressage horse, but I'm having a terrible time "letting go"....