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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Birthday Girl

Two years ago today Barb Hoffman found these: (ell is the dark brindle in the upper right middle) (I still need to learn how to make arrows on the photos!)

"Ebony" as she was called as a pup
Ell on the right with her sister Flash on the left getting ready for Christmas

Ell at 8 weeks with Mr. Kimes stacking.
Ell again from the front.

Ell when I brought her home below

her favorite resting spot...IN the coffee table!
Thanks to Mary's help, we have a pretty decent stacked puppy photo :)

Ell and Zoe playing in the first real snow of 2008. They are both part Dolphin....usually with just their tail above the snow line and then they pop up every once in a while to see where they are, and then burrow back under the snow. They LOVE the snow!
Isn't it apparent? :D

A couple of shows...
First time in the ring and Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2!

Ell's FIRST Birthday spent at Barb Peterson's place! (Thanks again Barb!) ( I LOVE her EXPRESSION! LOL)

Ell with 'siblings' Sadie and Oliver at the National in April....

and today's photo will have to come later...b.c. its DOOM and GLOOM outside with rain, wind and cold! brr!! Maybe photos later of Ell with her Ice Cream :)

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!


Dawn said...

Happy Birthday little girl. Magic, Grace, Siren and Peace are singing for you.

Sarah said...

Happy birthday, Ell!!!

penni said...

Chase sends Aroooos to you, Ell. Have a great day -- eat your dad's shoe!

Rayna said...

Happy Birthday Ell-bell! Lots of ice cream to you!

dreameyce said...

I really love this girl, and am so darn thankful you post so much, so I can stalk her via-blogland! Her 'ebony' face is so beautiful.

Happy birthday Ell!

Sherilyn said...

Happy Barkday Ell Bell! :)

Traci said...

Happy Belated Ell - I hope you had a wonderful day!!! :)