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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Justice is in LOVE

Well I guess I need to cancel Daisy's appointment for her hips and elbows.

She has come into season (thanks to Zoe pulling her in) and Justice in in LOVE with her. All he wants to do is play with her and chase her around. She's at day 3 and she's officially been denied the right to play outside with Mitcham and Justice (her two favorite in the house!)

He and Ell ( I think its a Merrymoon trait (HA HA BARB!)) have this tea pot whistle (similar to GSP whines) and Justice will NOT stop whistling/whining/pining for Daisy. Its ridiculous. Mac and Oliver NEVER did that when the girls were in season. Heck Mitcham doesn't even do it now.


I guess I'll reschedule for two months from now >:)


Joanna said...

Yay for Daisy, but make it three or even four months. She's still going to be loaded with progesterone in two months; she'll be close to "whelping" at that point. You want them firmly in anestrous.

Traci said...

Poor boys... LOL My boys usually behave themselves till 7-8 days. Then the incessant whining begins and my sanity edges on breaking. Thankfully Sedona only has 16-17 day cycles.. I fear that Piper may be more of a regular cycler... *sigh*
Good luck surviving! :)