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Monday, September 21, 2009

Win photos

I got these a day after Dawn got hers, but I haven't really thought about posting them on here, so I finally scanned them in. They are what they are. Neither shows off what I like about the dogs...Zoe was not cooperating on the slippery grooming table, but it was better than NO grooming table!! :)

I'm really hoping I can get that last major on Ell. She's only needed that major since ....what May? I guess we haven't shown very much either so can't really be whining :)

Mitcham's 3rd three-point major

Zoe's 2nd four-point major to finish! I hadnt' even groomed her freshly bathed and standing straight up hair off of her hip because I was thinking Ell would have a better chance at winning. Just proves how much I know :)

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Dawn said...

Your right, it might not be Zoes best picture photo-wise, but feeling wise, it has to be the best! Actually its not a bad picture, she just looks a little scrunched. Congrats again!