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Thursday, September 10, 2009

I think i'm crazy

So this coming weekend I HAVE to go to this sheep show. I am delivering sold sheep and picking up a few sheep from friends who were holding them for me. I haven't been able to really halter train the sheep due to my foot, so they are a the lead >:)

The good news is that I am NOT going to be the one showing them, but having friends and just spectators take them into the ring for me. Its nice that Briony is coming with me to help unload the truck and trailer and to basically make sure I keep my foot elevated and I don't over do it.

Its already been over a week since I broke my foot and I've done more than I should have this week as my dad hasn't really had the time to help me much, and I haven't found anyone else to help me out. I've been quite creative in how I am able to do things, but its followed my a long elevated foot session on the couch.

We'll see how this all plays out.

Oh and Zoe is not in season yet. Maybe she didn't want to have puppies in the winter?


Sharrie said...

I told you winter puppies are not "my cup of tea". Maybe Zoe heard me. (Like she would really care) See you Saturday.

Waveshaker Labs said...

So sorry to hear about the broken foot. Thanks for the Corgi discussion a few weeks ago. I appreciate it!


Sherilyn said...

You "THINK" you're crazy?? I can testify to that fact, if you need me to! ;) hehe

Stay off that foot!

Dawn said...

I DO think your crazy, but it has nothing to do with a broken foot! take care of yourself but have fun too. And on your way home, as you pass through Minneapolis, Stop by I want to see the sheepies!

Janet said...

Google knee walkers. I had to be off my foot for a couple of months this year and this was a godsend for me. I even went to Westminster with Scout on my knee walker!