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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back to normal

Well things are pretty much back to normal here after a good sleep :)

I waited to pick up Zoe at 730pm at the MSP airport cargo building for Delta/Northwest. An hour later she was finally delivered to the waiting area. I met her at the bay to load her up. She saw me and started trembling, squealing and barking like she had to pee. I quickly broke the zip strips and got her agility slip lead out of the back of the Expedition.

We ran to a patch of grass for her to go potty and she barely went, she just kept running circles around me barking and jumping up on me and trying to lick my face. This went on for a good ten minutes before I finally said...'OK if you aren't going to go potty, let's go home'! She made a b-line (beeline?) for the open door and leaped into the vehicle.

Driving home I kept turning to see her in the wire crate I had brought for her to ride in, right behind the armrest so she could look out and also see me. Well she was ALWAYS staring at me, almost smiling the whole way home. Every time I'd start talking to her she'd get all worked up and bark and tremble and squeal. She did this ALL the way home, all three hours.

On the way home we ran into the snow storm and watched the temperature drop a good 22 degrees and it was a white out. I drove on slick roads in a whiteout condition the last 60 miles. Fun times.

We got home, she jumped out of the car and dove right into the snow (yes we had an accumulation) and gobbled up a few mouthfuls and then preceded to run around the barn yard barking frantically. The dogs inside heard this and they started barking. Zoe ran to the house and waited for me to open the door.

Gradual introductions of Oliver and Sadie (alpha male and female) went went and then i introduced Ell and Daisy. Zoe of course had to put Ell in her place and then they were off running laps around the house.

Justice and Mitcham were reacquainted with her too, but separately and for good reason: I wanted her to snap at them to tell them to back off. It worked pretty good :)

Bedtime at 1:30am and Zoe hopped on the bed and then waited for me to lay down. She jumped on my chest and licked my face....with more purpose and more determination than I've ever witnessed :)

Morning was terrible as I got her licking all over again and she was saying she was SO happy to be home with me and the family. By breakfast time, she has settled down to her normal mellow self.

I asked her if she had puppies and she just winked and handed me the book "what to expect, when expecting". Any new mom I'm sure has read this book. I guess I have to start reading it to Zoe? *BIG GRIN*


dreameyce said...

Haha, I HATED that book! It's the WORSE ;0P

That's so cute how happy to be home Zoe is. Eeek! BABIES! :)

C-Myste said...

We sent her home to Weather with a capital W, but I guess that she likes snow. Well ok, ours like snow too. We just don't get so much of it.

Zoe is a licky girl. We both got some pretty good face-washings from her. She didn't sleep in bed with us (and Alice and Molly) though.

Jules said...

Oh my goodness. It sounds like someone was super happy to be home! yay!

Sarah said...

Glad she's happy to be home. Wouldn't it have really sucked if she pouted about being back? haa