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Monday, October 31, 2011

Another good weekend

I have had a really great year with dog showing. I honestly cannot remember the last dog show I didn't win anything. Even in Ohio the girls were in the ribbons every time. I've been very humbled and very appreciative of all the wins and the compliments on my 'kids'.

This weekend Ballantyne only needed 2 singles to finish. She was Winner's Bitch for her fourth major on Saturday under Judi Bendt. She is my second bred-by Champion, and every point was breeder/owner handled. I'm so pleased that a moderate sized bitch was able to be so competitive and win her champion title so fast.

Sunday my Levi x Daisy puppies turned 6 months old and I entered Cass and Cambell (brindle boy and girl) and Cass was Winner's Dog and Best of Winner's for a 3 point major on his first day as a show dog! I was surprised and thrilled. The judge had many great things to say about the little guy! I guess I'll hang on to him for awhile :)


penni said...

You did have another great weekend, Garrett. Congratulations -- and here's to many more.

Tin Roof said...

Congrats Garrett! Yes, Cass is a nice boy!