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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fargo Supported Entry

I had a quick moment to sit down at the computer.

I wanted to thank EVERYONE who helped to make the CWCCA Supported Entry a huge success its first year! I really appreciate everyone who helped donate for trophies, entered dogs, and drove the sometimes long distances to get to Fargo to support it. Without your willingness to do so, it would not have been as big of a success as it was.

The FMKC members were excited to see that the Supported Entry brought in such a large entry and are banking on other breed clubs to follow suit and make the entries worth while in Fargo. It was the first S.E. show and it went really well despite some anxiety on my part. Many thanks to the FMKC members and our show chair who helped during the show to make sure it went smoothly, Mary, Janelle and Lois you ladies rock!

I really hope that next year will be just as successful and hope to make it a yearly thing with breeder judges and Cardigan friendly judges. I have a list from last year that you guys had sent me for the show chair to pick and I can add names to it if you request some one special :)

Again many thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to all the winners! I was really happy to just be a part of it, in and out of the ring and I hope that the mileage doesn't scare you away next year :)

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k9krazy10 said...

It was a lovely show-thanks again for the hard work. I would encourage any breed clubs to do supported entries at Fargo. It's a very adequate show site, the grooming space was awesome and frankly the x-pen set up was one that I wish all clubs were able to do. The prizes were wonderful and the judging line up really top notch. Again, thanks for the xtra effort in putting together the supported entry. Now take a well deserved break!