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Friday, September 23, 2011


After following leads for each boy for several months each, and then several for each boy, they are once again available. These boys are very sweet, mellow dogs that are big snugglers and love to play. They will be 5 months old on the 30th of this month and are fully vaccinated, are mostly house/crate/lease trained, have been socialized well and are honestly ready to go to their forever homes.

The brindle is Cass. I was going to grow him up to show but decided I didn't need to keep a male AND two females from the litter.The two different homes he had lined up fell through after pledging a commitment to get him so he is sadly up for sale again.

 The light red is Cole. He's had two prospective homes fall through and just really wants a home of his own. Both boys are very sweet and happy boys that love to go for walks with the rest of the pack here every day and they especially love chewing on bones.

If you know of someone looking to add a cardigan to their home, either of these boys would be great additions!

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Rayna said...

Oh, I know, you had Cass stacked on the kitchen table and he's our wedding present!! :D LOL. I am SO glad we're not out in the country yet...because he's soooo tempting!