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Monday, August 1, 2011

First puppy finally goes home!

Holding puppies until arrangements can be made has never been an issue. When half of litter does it, it makes for some interesting times :) Baylor is shown above with Brodie (Pilot x Ell) and they both reside in Connecticut, about 40 minutes away from each other. Brodie's owner's daughter and her partner were looking for a puppy and I just happened to have a few! Baylor was the puppy I had my eye early on and it just wasn't meant to be that he stick around here, so he is now being super spoiled and doted upon in his new home and extended family. They sent me a video clip of him with the zoomies and I know he is NOT looking back!!

Thank you for all involved for this to work and I LOVE IT when the puppy owners fly out to pick up their puppies and take them home. I get to meet the new owners AND see the puppy off. Always the way I like to do it :)

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