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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back in the saddle

Sadie and I FINALLY got back to agility training tonight in Fargo. Yes its 90 miles. One WAY. 180 round trip in the big Expedition (the focus wagon's motor blew on me last week and i'm not replacing it. the motor costs more than the car is worth).

I was pretty anxious going into the ring as I didn'tk now if Sadie would be terrible (we were bumped up three levels from our last training level) and not remember anything or go off course or something. It was actually me we had to worry about! My trainer looked at me and finally said' Garrett, gather yourself and start over' LOL. Ok note taken!

Sadie was looking really good. We did serpentine jumps, contacts (perfect on the teeter and tire finally!) and down on the table with little coaxing. We did front crosses, rear crosses, weaves, broad jumps, panel jumps, triples, doubles, singles. You name it we did it! Sadie was SUPER happy to be back to doing something.

The silliness was right before I got into the vehicle i tripped and sprained my RIGHT ankle. Remmeber I broke my LEFT foot last September? That's why I hadn't been back to class. Well that and Zoe being pregnant. I didn't want to leave her, or bring home terrible koodies or something.

I also took the pups up for socialization and evaluations by non corgi breeders. Hey they got the structure down! They all sat happily in a Cocker xpen (the ones with the grated floor) and I just put a plastic piece and blankets over the grates. They watched us and the other dogs do agility and obedience, cuddled the people and wormed their way into several hearts. One friend even asked if I had any females left available, which I sadly said no! She would have been a perfect home and does NOT want a boy. Even after all the puppy kisses!

I'm going to take Zoe and Daisy to Detroit Lakes (only 60 miles round trip) for obedience and hopefully get their CGC/TDI hopefully if nothing else.

I brought Daisy in for her OFA certifcation for her Thyroid. She was SO good in the clinic, giving hand and face licks to all the techs and happily standing amongst us while we waited for the blood to clot so they could spin it down and send it out. Now we just wait for the results!

a busy dog day. If i didn't have dogs, I wouldn't have a life :)

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Traci said...

I can't tell you how many times I've said the same.. "if not for dogs, I'd have no life" :) Glad you had a good dog-day :)