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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Most recent Puppy Pics (Part 4)

Make sure you read ALL four parts I've blogged about tonight!

Don't the above 'big babies' look so adorable waiting at the gate? It WAS -20 when I took the photo. maybe they were just cold! This was the other day. today was nearly 20 above!

OK OK ! FOUR posts in ONE evening! Write it down! Sarah I hope this will get me forgiven for not posting in a week. Lo Siento! Below. Alamo. He is so cute. He is still looking for a forever home. So if you know of someone who wants Mr Adorable, let me know!
Below was a few days ago when I introduced a crate. I set it down and turned to get the camera and by the time I was able to take a picture (30 seconds later) they were ALL inside investigating!
First night Zoe-Momma and children were all packed in that crate. Today the whelping box got taken away. They weren't even using it anymore.

Crockett head shot. This new plastic tub was put in today. Within minutes they were all fighting for 'king of the mountain'. These were taken this afternoon.
Janey and Alamo fighting for top spot.
Janey only now half excited to get onto the tote. Ava and her posed so cute here. I wish I could get them all to sit still and look at the camera like this without rushing it!
Janey on the go....searching for mayhem.
Please.....don't.....go.....we were having so much fun.....PLEASE!....Please?


Sarah said...

awww, cute babies! and none too soon, they are closing in on their first birthday and I was missing photos. ;-P

I still think Mr. Alamo and my white headed red girl would be the cutest pair sitting next to each other.

Does Alamo have blue eyes? Is he really a blue? I just noticed his eyes in one photo look like they maybe have blue. Maybe not.

Poor Mitcham, I bet 10 minutes could undo all the hours of grooming, and he could look like a frazzled mess.

Dawn said...

I just love the black spashes on Alamo's ears, so cute! They are getting big arent they.

kristi said...

So, I was trying to find who you are keeping and who has a new home and?????????? The blues are by far the cutest of all cardis':)

Jenny Holden said...

Aww, lovely pups, I've only just read (and enjoyed :oD) this blog!