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Sunday, January 17, 2010

FINALLY! Stacked Photos (week 7)

First of all ONE HUNDRED THANK YOUS go out to Wanda Bendinelli (Zoe's breeder) and her family for coming up and having a play date with the pups. Up until now the puppies had only been fed on the table, two at a time and not worked very much with stacking. Wanda is a seasoned pro at getting pups to cooperate and I think they turned out rather well?

I'd appreciate any and all critiques on the pups. They are my first litter and I'm learning a lot as they grow on what grows at different times and such. Your opinions will help a lot!

Alamo's side (he's still looking for a perfect pet home!)
Alamo's front. Yes that's a blue eye :)
Crocket side
Crocket head
Crockett front
Janey head
Janey side
Janey front
Ava side
Ava front

All this stacking and playing with kids sure wears a pup out! Janey in the muffin tin. I guess its comfy?


Traci said...

They're growing up REALLY nicely! Too bad Janie has that half white head - I like her stacked shots best... They're all super cute! Gosh. I can't believe they're 7 weeks!!!!

Kate said...

I have the super-envy for Ava's markings. I doubt you'll see another quite like her. I love weird-marked dogs.

For me, it would be a hard pick between the girls. From these pictures I like Janey better, but Ava is a close second. Another photo shoot could easily make Ava the better. Love Janey's topline, and she looks like a professional.

Love the muffin tin picture. :)

Nice litter!

C-Myste said...

I agree with Traci that Janie appears to have the best shoulder, at least from the pictures. It looks like you got good bone and proportions.

Crocket has a beautiful head and expression. Ava's blue mask isn't too unattractive either. I wasn't sure how that was going to turn out.

What is Ava's off-side rear sock like. I like color on the rear legs as it makes the hocks look shorter. The show side rear is good but it looks like the other side may be white? Oh, wait a minute: that's her tail between her legs.

You don't seem to have any wide straight fronts (that's good). It looks as though Crocket may have a straighter shoulder, but pictures can be deceiving at this age. Toplines and depth of chest look good.

Dawn Small said...

Based on these photos, I like Janey's conformation the best as well. She's got a nice topline and more prosternum, good rear angulation, and a good length/height ratio. Rats! about the half-mask.

Crockett looks a little short on length to me, and a little straighter in the rear. Alamo looks like a good candidate for agility, having good angulation and being a tad higher on leg; if his temperament is suited to it, I'd try to find him a performance home.

Nice bone throughout and decent fronts.

Is Ava your keeper?

Rayna said...

Still in love with Ava's markings, though I think I like Crocketts face better :) Janey is stunning!

Ginny McMurrough said...

They are growing up so fast! Wonderful job on the photos. My hubby was eyeballing Alamo, lol. :o)

Dawn Small said...

You know, the more I look at these, I would say: If Janey's movement is as nice as her stacked photos, keep her for breeding, even if the mismark keeps you from showing her. That's my (TOTALLY unsolicited) advice. :-)