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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For Sharrie (and weekly cutes!)

Crockett is going to live with Sharrie and Zippy at High Ridge Highlights! Here he is sporting his new Frodo ears.
Above playing in the snow. VERY BRIEFLY on the 40 degree day we had.
Above Crockett and Alamo giving their 'cousin' Chase some lovin'

Below Mitcham laying down so Crockett can play with him. He is SO gentle with the pups and always under constant supervision. The pups LOVE to follow Mitcham around. Its like he's their idol :)


Sharrie said...

THANK YOU!!!! That will get me by until next week.

Rayna said...

Oh thank god! Now he doesn't have to come live here :D lol. He is just sooo darling :)

Baledwr said...

I'm so glad he's going home with Sharrie, he's an absolute doll and should brighten the household :)

Anonymous said...

Nana Jinnie is glad for Zippy to have a new playmate. I told Sharrie she had the perfect registerd name for him Ebonwald King of the Wild Frontier!

At least this Cardi puppy wont' have to learn about cold weather the way Zippy did coming from the desert.

Michelle said...

Of COURSE Mitcham is their idol -- he has the long, rock-star hair!