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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Puppy Registered Names

My litter theme is "Blessed" and its my very first litter so wanted it to start with an A. I would like feedback on your favorites or any others you can think of. I'm not super creative so these were still a stretch for me :)


Ebonwald All My Blessings

Ebonwald A Blessed Day

Ebonwald A Blessed Occassion

Ebonwald Any Blessing Will Do

Ebonwald Already Blessed

Ebonwald Acting on a Blessing

Ebonwald As Blessed As They Come

Ebonwald And Imma Bless You

Ebonwald Always Blessed

Ebonwald Always Blessed By You

Ebonwald Adorably Blessed

Ebonwald Actually Blessed

Ebonwald And I'm A Blessing


Red Dog Mom said...

What about A Blessing in Disguise?

Missy said...

Not that I get to pick, but I'd like to suggest Ebonwald A Tribute 2 Blessngs for Janey.

Garrett808 said...

oh missy that is perfect for her! I'll use it for sure!

Sharrie said...

How about .....Ask the Blessing. That was what we would say to someone we wanted to say "grace" at the table.