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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Puppy Pics Part 1

Before I show you more puppy photos let's see a few of the less blogged about dogs. Here I give Penni so much grief and then I do the same thing :)

Below is Daisy one day after our one and only huge snow storm. She wouldn't stand still for me and was running around the dog pen like a crazed animal (hence Crazy Daisy). Here she is shown getting up out of a pouncing position and her tongue is hanging out to the side. I assure you she is not chubby or overweight. She is a lean 30.8 pounds and the way her coat and shadows are in the photo give her a deeper bodied illusion!
Justice today trying to be sneaky. what you don't see is a plate that has bits of cheese and tortilla chips left over from when I had Nachos at noon. He thought I wouldn't see him reaching with his giraffe tongue (that's long in case you hadn't seen one before) and I thought it was a great opportunity to take a photo. I just love his head and markings......grow mister grow! Wait..fill out mister fill out!
Alamo is the sleeper puppy of the litter. Meaning he steals your heart without knowing it. He's always cuddling and then he will take after his siblings or mother and terrorize them. Once its out of his system he goes back to cuddling. What a cute kid.
Waiting for me to play and he falls asleep waiting in the door of the whelping box....
Here is Ava chilling in the same doorway. One day there were three there, but by the time I went for my camera they were all out in the xpen screaming at me to come in and play!

More photos....SOON. My computer is dying but i might just make it!

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