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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mitcham Tuesday and Zoe at agility

t night was my monday night agility class with Ell. Since Ell is STILL in season, I've been alternating Sadie and Zoe in the class. Zoe absolutely LOVES it!! Well, so does Sadie ;)

Zoe last night, it was her second night and she really loves the chute and the table. Odd combination I know! Her least favorite right now is the tunnel, but why does she run full bore to the chute? She is so funny. Her eyes light up and she barks and barks and barks the entire time waiting for our turn. I guess I know I'll be keeping Zoe in the class instead of Ell and next session put Ell in the beginners class and Zoe in the next level :)

Mitcham and Justice also went along as there was conformation training outside as well. A good warm up for Cambridge. Justice was first and I must say, since the National he has come together much better (not the wobbly puppy walk) and is moving really lovely. The other three people in the class commented on his lovely movement. I also took him to Fargo on Sunday to be at the show and let people see how he is maturing and everyone was very complimentary. Barb Peterson even said Mick's days are numbered as Justice grows up! So that was a good feeling.

Mitcham is such a goof! He was much better outside (ears were up all the time then!) and he was trying to play with the Toller and the Golden in the class with us most of the time. He was also very interested in the agility going on in the next fenced in area and I told them that I really want to do agility with him after we are done showing him (and he is older, like 18 months) as Briards are just a riot to watch in the agility ring and very good at it. As if I didn't have enough going on :)

Mitcham was much better with the 'judges' that went over him and I had over a dozen people go up to him and check bite. No real problems. I guess it WAS just me, or that particular judge. Tonight he's going with to Sadie's class to have more people go over him. It can't hurt!

*edit* A few photos to tide Sarah over :)

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Cindy said...

And I on the other hand, have the dogs that I can't keep out of the tunnel! Claire will run back and forth in them as long as you let her.
Thought--maybe she is expecting one of her "siblings" to be waiting at the other end to pounce? Happens a lot at my place with puppies and their fun tunnels.

She'll get it and run fast-she's one that's going to be hard to keep up with!

Sarah said...

aww, hey there, Mitcham! Is your dad going to bring you to Vermillion? There's only ONE correct answer to that question.

I'm out in Montana this week missing my own kids, so it's fun to get to see you today.