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Sunday, May 31, 2009

FMKC day three

All three girls that needed points....Ell, Martha and Mallory, got at least one point this weekend. Congrats to Barb and Steve for getting points on both girls this weekend.

Mitcham was head shy again and was excused. There is NO rule stating that a dog that gets excused only has three chances before they can't show ever again. That is only true if they measure OUT of the appropriate height in breeds that can be wicketed.

Mitcham has never met a stranger and has always been a happy boy. Saturday I know he was pissed because we were fussing with his ears. Sunday I was probably too nervous about the exam or the judge was a smoker or something so I'm not going to let it bother me. Plus the judge was very helpful in trying to be slow and take it easy and not wreck the dog. That is very appreciated although I'm still in shock he was shy. Mitcham doesn't have a shy bone in his body.

I've had nothing but praise about Mitcham from both Briard people and handlers, other breed owners etc so I won't let it get to me. It was his first show.....we'll get 'em in Cambridge ;)


Winjammin' said...

Just a thought here...when the judge is going to check the bite, you could always offer to show them the bite yourself. I'm sure Mitcham would much rather have your hands in his mouth than a judge's. :o)

You are can be excused any number of times. It's the DQ's you have to watch out for.

Don't sweat it...he'll come around. CM got DQ'd in his first show, and look at him now!! :o)

Keep up the good work!

Dawn said...

I am sure Mitcham will work through this issue Garrett, its not anything to fret over, just a little thing to work through. Glad you picked up a point on Ell, just a few more to go.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the point and don't fret about the excusal, remember you had a lot of emotions going on and I'm betting he was feeling it too. Just get him out and about and I'm sure he will work it out.

Cindy said...

Like everyone else has said, don't sweat it. Learn from it and move on. Everything will get bigger and better. What you are doing now at classes, is perfect.

Keep up the good work!

Kaye said...

Can I ask what head shy means, and exactly why he was ejected. I'm asking because I may have a similiar problem with my show cardigan puppy and I want to know what I should expect at her first show.